Job Descriptions

Description of GRO E-Board Positions


Executive Board positions are paid positions at a rate of $10.10 per hour. (There are some limits on the number of hours paid per academic year, depending on position.)

  • All members of the GRO Executive Board are held to represent the general interest of the entire graduate student body. They are to refrain from representing the interests of the respective departments from which they come.
  • All Executive Board members are required to write at least one article for The Grad News per academic year.
  • All Executive Board members must also maintain the appropriate sections, corresponding to their specified role on the Executive Board, of the online version of the GRO Guide To Living in Baltimore.
  • Executive Board members shall regularly submit relevant information on their accomplishments in their role to be presented as part of the Executive Board Report given at each General Council meeting.
  • All Executive Board candidates should familiarize themselves with the GRO Constitution and Policy Document.


The following are detailed descriptions from the GRO Constitution and Policy Document:

Permanent Chair Positions

Executive Board positions delineated in the governing documents of the GRO which are filled annually. The responsibilities and purpose of these positions is fixed from year to year, unless the General Council sees fit to change the GRO’s governing documents.

Chair & Co-Chair

The Chair and Co-Chair of the GRO in cooperation shall:

  • Chair all General Council and Executive Board meetings of the GRO.
  • Serve as the primary liaisons between the GRO and University administration and all other University and non-University bodies or representatives.
  • Appoint representatives to those University committees and councils on which the GRO is entitled to a seat. The Chair and Co-Chair must keep abreast of all University committees and councils on which the GRO is entitled to a seat and assure that the seat is filled and that the GRO member filling that seat reports to the Executive Board.
  • Be responsible for seeing that the duties of all committees are carried out.
  • Prepare the second item of the agenda for General Council meetings. This shall be titled “The Executive Board Report.”
  • Be responsible for sending out the agenda of each General Council meeting at least three days prior to the meeting.
  • Maintain GRO documentation, such as the constitution and varying policy documents.
  • Shall prepare the annual budget with the assistance of the Treasure.
  • Be paid for no more than 500 hours each per academic year.


The Secretary of the GRO shall:

  • Be responsible for maintaining the records of GRO affairs, including but not limited to the minutes of all GROmeetings (General Council meetings, Executive Board meetings, and meetings between GRO members and University administrators).
  • Organize and facilitate the logistics of GRO meetings.
  • Take attendance at all GRO meetings.
  • Count the votes at all GRO meetings, except for regular elections.
  • Distribute announcements and information to members of the GRO.
  • Maintain and distribute to the General Council lists of all current Program or Department Representatives and Alternates as well as all committee chairs and members.
  • Be paid for no more than 100 hours per academic year.


The Treasurer of the GRO shall:

  • Facilitate all financial transactions of the GRO and maintain records of GRO financial accounts.
  • Submit to the Chair a listing of all Executive Board expenditures to be included in the Executive Board Report.
  • Facilitate all reimbursements and transfers of GRO funds to all individuals and groups per General Council or Executive Board approval.
  • Shall assist in the preparation of the annual budget with Chair and Co-Chair.
  • Be paid for no more than 150 hours per academic year.

Administration and Group Funding Chair

The Administration and Group Funding Chair shall:

  • Be responsible for chairing the funding committee.
  • Be responsible for keeping track of group funding and correspondence.
  • Be responsible for coordinating with the chairs, secretary and treasurer in administration of the GRO and e-mails.
  • Be paid no more than 50 hours per year.

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair shall:

  • Be responsible for the compilation and dissemination of General Council minutes to the graduate student body.
  • Be responsible for the upkeep of information regarding the GRO through facilitating the maintenance of the GROwebsite and other online sources of information.
  • Oversee the JHU Portal website.
  • Be paid for no more than 25 hours per academic year.

GRO Guide To Living in Baltimore Chair

The GRO Guide Chair shall:

  • Be responsible for the oversight and managing of the editing and production of the GRO Guide To Living in Baltimore, which shall be updated and published in alternating years.
  • Be paid out of the GRO Guide budget.

Advocacy Chair (2)

The Advocacy Chairs shall:

  • Handle student concerns and work to enrich student life in areas that include, but are not limited to housing, security, financial and environmental concerns.
  • Work with the Executive Board Members at Large to direct graduate student advocacy programs.
  • Meet with the deans along with the chairs at least once per semester to discuss graduate student concerns.
  • Be paid no more than 100 hours per year.

Social Chairs (2)

The Social Chairs of the GRO shall:

  • Be responsible for the encouragement of interdepartmental community through coordination of all aspects of theGRO’s social programming. This includes, but is not restricted to, the Orientation BBQ, Coffee Hours, Happy Hours, bus trips, and wine tastings.
  • Have a budget within which to work.
  • Be paid for no more than 100 hours each per academic year.


Floating Chair Positions

Executive Board positions whose purpose and responsibilities are decided upon annually prior to being filled. While some of these positions return most years, they are not guaranteed to exist per the GRO’s governing documents.

Health Concerns Chair

The Health Concerns Chair shall:

  • Be responsible to act as the graduate student representative on both the University Student Health Insurance Committee, the Student Health Advisor Committee and PATH committee.
  • Report on changes in the plan to the Executive Board and General Council, solicit opinions from the GRO on the health insurance plan, and act as a resource for students with questions regarding the health plan.
  • Be paid for no more than 25 hours per academic year.

Security Concerns Chair

The Security Concerns chair shall:

  • Monitor the progress of JHU’s progress in regards to the formation of a JHU police department.
  • Serve as a representative on any administrative committees formed by the university.
  • Consolidate security resources related to the Homewood campus (statistics, heat-maps, resources, publications, etc.) if judged necessary.
  • Host open forums on the police department discussion, engage in the legislative process (i.e. in the Maryland Assembly) on behalf of the GRO, drafting and submitting for approval by the GC official recommendations in regard to security-based policy if GC approves such engagement and open forums.
  • Be paid for no more than 25 hours per academic year

Professional Development Chair

The Professional Development Chair shall:
  • Develop, in conjunction with the Homewood Life Design Lab, programs that will enhance graduate professional development.
  • Be paid no more than 50 hours per year.

Graduate Involvement Chair

The Graduate Involvement Chair shall:
  • Be tasked with improving Graduate Student involvement in the GRO through direct outreach and contact with GCs, Graduate Students, and by establishing direct contact with the Graduate Program Directors of departments of KSAS and WSE.
  • Improve GRO awareness of graduate interests and concerns.
  • Act as a primary point of contact for new GC members.
  • Provide guidance to GC members on how better to communicate with and seek feedback from graduate students.
  • Communicate directly with GC members outside of GC meetings to identify barriers to communication and graduate GRO inclusion/involvement.
  • Be paid no more than 50 hours per academic year.

Parliamentarian/Legacy Chair

The Parliamentarian/Legacy chair shall:

  • Improve the archive and institutional knowledge of the GRO
  • Be tasked with monitoring and revising governance of the GRO.
  • Review the GRO constitution, current policy documents, the current Rights and Responsibilities of GC Department Representatives, and governing documents of all current and future committees and suggest changes as required.
  • Report on any possible changes to the necessary bodies on a timely fashion and ensure that current versions of all governing documents are printed and stored in the GRO office at all times.
  • Be paid for no more than 25 hour per academic year


Coordinator Positions

Positions appointed by the Executive Board – nominally temporarily – with a specific, clearly delineated set of responsibilities. Frequently these positions are related to the a specific event or series of events for which the coordinator is responsible.

Wellness Coordinator

The Wellness Coordinator shall:

  • Be responsible in advocating for graduate students concerns in the area of physical and mental health wellness by working with fellow graduate students and the Recreation and Counseling Centers.
  • Attend regular meetings of the well-being committee.
  • Assist in advertising programs that motivates student to attain their personal health and wellness goals.
  • Be paid for no more than 25 hours per academic year

Intercampus Coordinator

The Intercampus Coordinator shall:
  • Engage interactions among graduate students between various JHU campuses and plan social intercampus events
  • Be paid no more than 25 hours per year.

Summer Sports Coordinator

The Summer Sports Coordinator shall:

  • Coordinate and facilitate our softball, basketball and soccer leagues for the summer.
  • Correspond with team captains and establish & maintain the game schedule & tournament brackets for each sport.
  • Liaise with the Homewood rec center, as needed.
  • Assess and maintain the status of GRO sport equipment, held by the rec center.
  • Be paid for no more than 25 hours for the summer.