Dining Updates

Thursday, May 9

End of Academic Year Dining Location Closedown Hours

Fresh Food Café (FFC)

Thursday, May 16

Regular service ends at 2:00PM

Modified buffet dinner from 5:00-7:00PM for meal plan participants

Friday, May 17

Modified continental breakfast from 8:00-10:00AM for meal plan participants

Closes for academic year after breakfast.

Re-opens in Mid-June for summer operations, please check back for open dates.



Wednesday, May 15

Closes after regular service at 9:00PM

Thursday, May 16

Modified buffet dinner from 5:00-7:00PM for meal plan participants

Closes for academic year after dinner. Nolan’s is closed over the summer and will reopen for the new academic year in August.


Charles Street Market

Friday, May 17

Closes for academic year at noon, groceries only no deli.

Closed for summer, will reopen for the new academic year in August.


Crepe Studio

Friday, May 17

Closes for academic year at noon.

Closed for summer, will reopen for the new academic year in August.

Bamboo Cafe

Friday, May 17

Closes at 3pm for academic year.

Starting Monday, May 20

Open 11am-3pm Monday-Friday for summer hours.


Levering Kitchens

Starting Monday, May 20

Open 11am-2pm Monday-Friday for summer hours.


Levering Cafe

Starting Monday, May 20

Open 8am-3pm Monday-Friday for summer hours.



The LaB

Wednesday, May 15

Closes for academic year after regular service ends at 2:00AM (which is 2:00AM on Thursday, May 16).

Closed for summer, will reopen for the new academic year in August.

Monday, April 15

Last Days to Use Your Dining Dollar:

Nolan’s– Wednesday, May 15 at 9pm

The Lab– Wednesday, May 15 (2am on Thursday, May 16)

FFC– Thursday, May 16 at 2PM

Crepe Studio– Thursday, May 16 at 8pm

Charles Street Market– Friday, May 17 at Noon

Levering Kitchens– Wednesday, May 22 at 2PM

Levering Cafe– Wednesday, May 22 at 3PM

Bamboo Café– Wednesday, May 22 at 2PM


Now is the time to use your Dining Dollars. Check the E-accounts app (iOS Only) for your current balance or reach out to our office, dining@jhu.edu.


Here are a few ideas to consider when spending your money:

1. Buy in bulk from the Charles Street Market. Visit the Charles Street Market for the ordering PDF Document: form.

2. Host friends or family for a meal on campus.

3. Attend Upcoming Events:

· Maryland Premium Night: Wednesday, April 17 FFC 5-8pm & Nolan’s 5-9pm

· National Garlic Day: Friday, April 19 FFC 5-8pm & Nolan’s 5-9pm

· Earth Week Themed Meal: Tuesday, April 23 FFC 11am-2pm

4. Donate Dining Dollars in increments of $1, $5, $10, $20 & $50 at the Charles Street Market to purchase non-perishable food to support your fellow Blue Jay community members

Additional details will also be shared as the semester comes to a close to ensure you have options to spend all of your funds.

Please remember that Dining Dollars are not transferable, do not carry over and are non-refundable.

Thursday, February 21

Just a reminder that FFC will be closed on Tuesday, February 26 from 2pm-9pm for the First-Year Banquet.

Guests can come to Nolan’s for dinner that night since FFC will be closed.

FFC will reopen that evening for late night.

Tuesday, February 19

Due to the inclement weather on Wednesday, February 20,
there have been some changes to our Dining hours of operations:

FFC will close at 8pm, no late night service.

Nolan’s, Charles Street Market, & Crepe Studio will be open for regular operating hours*

Levering Kitchens, Levering Café, Bamboo Café, & The LaB will be closed.

Alkimia (located in Gilman Hall) and The Daily Grind (Located in Mudd Hall) will also be closed.

*Please note that any of these locations could change operating hours without notice.

Monday, January 28

Happy New Year! All of us at Hopkins Dining extend an exciting welcome back for the Spring 2019 term.

We wanted to be sure to pass along a few important reminders and notes on some new items in the campus dining program.

  • Dining Dollars: Just a reminder that any Dining Dollars you had left from the fall were added to your new Spring Meal Plan dining dollar as of January 13. Don’t forget all Dining Dollars will expire in May at the end of the semester, so use them regularly throughout so you don’t lose them.
    • Donating Dining Dollars: We will have a few opportunities this semester where students can donate some of their dining dollars to help address student food insecurity issues on campus. We will advertise when we are doing this through our website , our locations as well as our social media sites, so please follow us to keep up with updates throughout the semester.

  • Meet the Dining Team! Ever wonder who the manager or supervisors are at certain locations or who you can talk to, check out our Meet the Dining Team webpage.
    • Personnel Updates:
      • Steve Paret; Executive Sous Chef at the FFC
      • Greg Perez; Sous Chef at the FFC
      • Lenord Washington; Chef Manager at the Charles Street Market
      • Anthony Cools Lartique; Chef Manager at Nolan’s

  • Dining Dietitian: Christine Hahner, registered dietitian, is a member of the Hopkins dining team. She currently works closely with students with special dietary needs to ensure they are able to eat safely at the dining halls. She also works with student groups for cooking demos, cooking classes, Meatless Monday’s and many other events. Look out for events coming this semester during National Nutrition Month in March. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact Christine directly at dietitian@jhu.edu.


  • Student Dining Advisory Board: The Advisory Board was developed to enhance the student dining program to the best of our ability with the input from a variety of students with different backgrounds, interests, campus involvement and areas of study within the university. We are looking for interested students who can represent their student body with a voice to make your Dining Program the best it can be. The committee will meet monthly with member of the Dining Team; we will discuss different areas of campus dining from meal plans and individual dining locations to special dietary needs and future initiatives. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form.


  • Dining Events: Ever feel bummed that you missed out on an event because you didn’t realize it was happening or want to know what events we offer? So much happens in our locations that you might not even know we had something planned with your favorite menu items or theme. Check out our Events Webpage and Facebook Page for all the upcoming monthly events and programs sponsored by Dining as well as other departments on campus as well as our Facebook page for updates.

Don’t forget about our social media pages follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at HopkinsDining. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time by email, by texting 410-941-2272 or by calling 410-516-3383.

And check back here regularly for any Dining Updates!


Ian Magowan, Senior Manager of Dining Programs & Stephanie Sufczynski, Dining Programs Coordinator