Dining Updates

Spring Opening Updates


  • Fresh Food Café (FFC), Nolan’s on 33rd, Levering Kitchens & Café, Charles Street Market (CSM).
  • These locations will be in operation at the opening of the spring semester and we will evaluate opening our other locations as the semester and public health restrictions progress.
  • Full details on location hours and offerings can be found here.
  • Meal Plans will be available to on-campus residents only.
  • There will not be indoor or outdoor seating offered in our initial opening phase. We will again offer de-densified seating as Baltimore City regulations allow.
  • Overall occupancy will be controlled to safely allow for students to select food from stations at each location as well as safe queuing and employee work spaces.
  • Our retail locations (Levering, CSM) will be accessible to the entire campus community while our residential locations (FFC and Nolan’s) will be restricted to only students on meal plans.
  • Additional safety measures include additional shielding at all service points, elimination of self-service areas, contactless payment points and weekly testing for all dining staff.
  • Designated, separate entrances and exits have changed at each location so please be aware of new signage and directions at each location.



  • Expanded meal service at Nolan’s will now include breakfast and lunch on weekdays as well as brunch on weekends.
  • Residential locations (FFC/Nolan’s) will close in-between meal periods to allow for a full breakdown and cleaning of service areas.
  • We have maintained many of our stations in their traditional format and have identified new opportunities to change how we package food to allow for quicker and safer service to students.
  • “Grab-and-Go” for us goes beyond pre-packaged foods as we will be serving our full complement of hot and made to order menu items, allergen and religious specific items and rotating favorites that our students will see across our locations throughout the spring.
  • We have introduced a new PDF Document: mobile ordering application to allow for students to order food ahead, pay via the app and pick their food up from either Levering Kitchens or Charles Street Market in a quick and contactless method.