Where to Eat

Please note all Dining locations are closed for the Fall 2020 semester. The information below gives ideas and information about what our regular Dining Locations. Information on meal plans is subject to change for Spring 2021.

Learn more about our dining facilities by exploring below. Ready to eat? View the campus dining map and hours of operation for each location. Be sure to also check out other campus dining locations.

Homewood Dining Locations

Fresh Food Café (FFC)

As Johns Hopkins University’s premier “all-you-care-to-eat” facility, Fresh Food Café, also known as FFC, has an endless list of daily options and around-the-clock hours, there is an almost-constant opportunity for Blue Jays to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at their leisure.

  • Breakfast: Our breakfasts include fresh and light options to start the day right, heartier offerings for those who savor the morning meal, and a variety of ready-to-go items for those on the run. Everything is wholesome and freshly-made, so it’s easy for guests to make choices that will provide them with a nutritious jump-start to a busy day.
  • Nature Bar: Our nature bar brings delicious fresh fruits, yogurts and granola together for a perfect nutritious station. With a variety of cream cheeses from bagels and rotating daily fresh fruit, ever taste bud will be satisfied at this healthy station.
  • Greens: We have a love affair with salads. You will, too, when you sample the variety of flavors and textures at our salad bar. With fresh rotating toppings and made from scratch dressings, fill your plate to the brim with the healthiest produce around. The very embodiment of our Farm to Fork program, our salad bar is sure to please even the toughest critic.
  • Kettles: We make all our soups from scratch, daily. That means everything down to the stock. We believe that’s the only way to achieve the deep, soul-satisfying flavors that a good bowl of soup provides. Whether you love a hearty bowl of chili, a light and healthy summer minestrone, or a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup, you’ll find a favorite every season of the year.
  • Scratch: Scratch is all about flavor. Whether we focus on the foods we grew up on, the foods that comfort us, or the foods from around the world, scratch takes your taste buds on a journey. From Mexican dishes to Asian cuisine, our chefs whip up something new and exciting with every meal.
  • Root: Enjoy vegetarian and vegan cooked fresh, with vegetable broths, slow-fermented tempeh and miso, the freshest vegetables, and a passion for lively flavors. This station is an extension of our scratch station and gives the same flavors utilizing meatless options. From vegan takes of traditional comfort foods to dishes that celebrate the culinary innovations of the world’s best vegan cuisine, our cafes cater to every palate while honoring and supporting the vegan lifestyle.
  • Sizzle: Cooking meat over an open fire is one of the most elemental and cross-cultural cooking techniques known to man. At our Sizzle station, prepare to be “wowed” by our high-quality, locally raised beef burgers, our sophisticated daily specials and delicious favorites like pulled pork barbecue and grilled marinated chicken. Enjoy local Mama Mia vegan burgers for a healthier alternative or fill up on the chef’s daily choice of fries for a meal everyone will love.
  • Wok: A world of flavor presented to you live on the FFC’s wok station. Using fresh ingredients and timeless techniques from all around the globe, our chefs create cooked-to-order, authentic dishes that are vibrant, exciting, and always flavorful. With a focus on Southeast Asia, the wok station turns traditional sauces and fresh produce into a stunning authentic dishes. Take your taste buds on a journey at Wok!
  • Dal Forno Pizza: Our pizza is made the way it should be — by hand. We start with the finest quality flour and mix and knead it with proper care. We make our sauces in-house, by combining tomatoes with garlic, aromatic herbs, and fruity olive oil—simple ingredients to let the flavor of the tomatoes shine. Our toppings are our own — pestos and homemade meatballs, house-roasted vegetables and a special blend of five cheeses. From traditional pizza dough to pita bread, flatbread and French bread, our pizza chefs get creative!
  • Dal Forno Pasta: Everyone loves a delicious bowl of pasta! Our chefs use made-from-scratch sauces and fresh ingredients to fill our pasta station with classics everyone is sure to enjoy. From a creamy Alfredo sauce to pesto and traditional marinara, the flavors of Italy come to life at Del Forno Pasta.
  • Deli: The art of a perfect sandwich. House-roasted turkey and roast beef, premium deli meat options and a mind-blowing selection of cheeses and other “fixings.” Perfectly-roasted vegetables for a vegetarian version and a generous variety of locally-baked breads and rolls will help to make the deli station compatible to anyone’s tastes! Looking for a melty cheese and crispy crust? Take advantage of our Panini presses for the perfectly pressed sandwich.
  • Blue Jay Bar: Hopkins pride is strong at the FFC and our chefs are creative when coming up with the rotating Blue Jay Bar. From chips and dips to chicken wings and nachos, the Blue Jay Bar is filled with chef creations every palate craves. Enjoy a new specialty every week at the Blue Jay Bar for some for the top items in the café!
  • Desserts: Hopkins very own pastry chefs get creative with our dessert station. From vegan fresh baked cookies to delectable brownies and cupcakes, end your meal on a perfect sweet note! Looking for something cold? Try out Baltimore favorite Taharka Brother’s ice cream for incredible classics and exciting bold flavors.

Fresh Food Café is a peanut and tree-nut free facility.

Meals to Go at the Fresh Food Cafe

We know there are times when Blue Jays are busy and may not be able to enjoy a leisurely meal at the Fresh Food Cafe every day. That’s why we offer the convenience of a to-go program at the FFC.

During any breakfast, lunch/brunch or dinner meal period, Blue Jays can fill to-go containers with a reasonable, well-balanced meal (e.g. entrée, 2 sides, salad, dessert and beverage) and enjoy a great meal on the run or in the comfort of their room or suite. Once the Blue Jay has filled the supplied to-go container, they must take their meal with them. Compostable utensils and napkins are provided for all Meals to Go participants.

Blue Jays may use the Meals to Go Program up to three of their meal swipes daily. We reserve the right to revoke this convenience if abused at any time.

Nolan’s on 33rd

Nolan’s on 33rd is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious dinner! As an all-you-care-to-eat venue where there is something for every Blue Jay. Students can chill by the fireplace and enjoy their favorite items.

  • Garden: Build your own fresh salads with assorted topping including ultra-local greens, savory proteins, veggies and other fresh-made rotating toppings along with house-made dressings and vinaigrettes. Top your salad with an assortment of crunchy toppings, sugared nuts, dried fruits and seeds for the perfect finish.
  • Char: The Char station is filled with made to order burgers, grilled local chicken, hot dogs, vegan burgers, and specialty sandwiches with a daily selection of fries for the perfect items to satisfy any craving.
  • Dough: This station is the perfect mix of Italian flavors. You can find freshly made pizzas ranging from everyone’s favorite cheese and pepperoni to calzones, Stromboli, and pizzas topped with the freshest veggies. Each day will be a new featured pasta that the chefs will create from Italian staple flavors like pesto, Alfredo, and marinara for a hearty dinner.
  • Pressed: Craving a toasted sandwich? Look no further than our pressed station using hot Panini presses to add the perfect heat and crisp
    the fresh bread. House roasted turkey and roast beef, premium deli meat options and a wide variety of your favorite cheeses make for the
    ultimate sandwich.
  • Passport: Enjoy the very best of international flavors at Passport. The menu rotates daily and features flavors of nations around the globe. Form Indian curries to Mexican fajitas, our chefs come up with rotating menu items for the perfect culinary trip around the world.
  • Spoon: Here you can find house-made soups with rich developed flavors that feel like home. The rotating menu includes favorites like chicken noodle and tomato basil and explores deeper flavors such as curries and stews.
  • Sweet: For the sweet tooth in us all, our sweet station is filled with the best desserts around. Pastry chefs at JHU work to prepare mini pastries, freshly baked vegan cookies and cobblers to end the perfect meal. Looking for ice cream? Try Baltimore’s famous Taharka Brothers and enjoy inventive flavors for a twist on the classic!

Nolan’s is a peanut and tree-nut free facility.

Meals to Go at Nolan’s

We know there are times when Blue Jays are busy and may not be able to enjoy dinner at the Nolan’s every evening. That’s why we continue to offer the convenience of a to-go program at the Nolan’s.

Blue Jays can fill a compostable to-go container with a reasonable, well-balanced meal (e.g. entrée, 2 sides, salad, dessert and beverage) and enjoy a great meal on the run or in the comfort of their room or suite. Once the Blue Jay has filled the supplied to-go container, they must take their meal with them. Compostable utensils and napkins are provided for all Meals to Go participants.

Blue Jays may use the Meals to Go Program up to three of their daily meal swipes. We reserve the right to revoke this convenience if abused at any time.


Charles Street Market, also known as Char Mar, is a market place where Blue Jays can stop in and grab a variety of grocery items or a hot prepared meal on the go. Our grocery aisles are filled with fresh local produce, a large selection of dry grocery goods, frozen entrees and desserts, a large beverage selection and a bulk items area with items ranging from grains, pasta, varieties of granola and dried fruits along with candy. IN Char Mar’s “B’more healthy” room, there is a build-your-own salad bar with fresh local produce, freshly squeezed juices, and a delicious smoothie bar. For lunch, there are tons of options. From our in-house deli which has a variety of made-to-order sandwiches and wraps with fresh artisanal bread, in-house-roasted meats, cheese and produce to a daily soup counter and hot case with pre-made entrees and sides, every taste-bug is accounted for at the market.

Char Mar places a large focus on local food and ever end cap is filled with grab and go items from vendors in Maryland. Each month, the chefs at Char Mar team up with vendors to provide samplings on our butcher block so Blue Jays and guests can “try it before they buy it” for tried and true and brand new items at the market. When there isn’t a sampling, the butcher block is manned by a chef creating fresh, delicious made-to-order rotating meals for those looking for something new and creative. Char Mar really has it all!

Meals-in-a-Minute (MIM)

When time is at a premium, we offer our Meals in a Minute Program (MIM). Offered on class days for breakfast and lunch, students on the anytime, 19, 14, 10 meals per week plan, or Block 40 or 80 plans can take advantage of this program. MIM provides students with a choice of a sandwich or entree salad, two sides, and a beverage.

Crepe Studio

Located inside of the Charles Street Market, Crepe Studio brings a great new variety to campus through offering savory and sweet crepes, a tantalizing menu of salads, flatbreads, bagels and sandwiches. Thread Coffee Roasters also offers many hot and cold beverages throughout the year.

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Levering Kitchens

Levering Kitchens is Hopkins’ official lunch spot. Featuring hand-rolled sushi, fresh soup, salad and sandwich concept, a hot grilled-to-order station, grab and go daily made sandwiches, salads, and wraps and an authentic wok station, Levering Kitchens brings a restaurant-quality experience to the heart of campus.

  • Grill: Stop by for some of your favorite grill items from burgers to French fries with some daily specials in between.
  • Wok: Savor in the flavors of Asia with our wok. You can expect to enjoy orange chicken, bulgogi beef, and other rotating dishes for a hot, delicious meal.
  • Butterfly: From Chef José Andrés’ ThinkFoodGroup, Butterfly celebrates the vibrant street food culture of Mexico. Take your taste buds on a tour of the country’s diverse regions through the innovative menu of tacos and tortas, as well as our selection of fresh salads and salsas.
  • Fresh: We upped our game with a fresh salad bar offering the best produce, toppings, and protein. Start your bowl with greens or grains and go from there o create the perfect dish just to your liking! New Coming Spring 2020: now introducing Mediterranean concepts
  • Toastee: Everyone’s favorite station, Toastee offers a variety of grilled cheeses with many different fillings. Choose your artisanal bread and enjoy one of our classics for the best toasted sandwich. Add on a soup for a delicious pairing.
  • Go: Grab and go items at your convenience for those in a hurry. Choose from locally pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, fruit, yogurt, puddings, parfaits, and desserts and head off with a delicious and nutritious meal. From hot soups and sandwiches to cold salads and fruits, you can grab it all at Levering!

Levering Cafe

Located on the first floor of Levering Hall, the Levering Cafe has paired with local favorite, Thread Coffee Roasters, to offer fair trade coffees and teas as well as a host of delicious grab and go meal options, and a wide selection of freshly baked bagels and pastries. Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere to sip your coffee or grab it to go for the best coffee in the heart of campus.

Bamboo Cafe

Located inside the Mattin Center, Bamboo Café offers many dishes from the Asian continent. Bamboo café strives to offer unique and authentic flavors for the Hopkins Community. The café menu offers items such as curry rice dishes, ramen noodle soups, donburi bowls, bahn mi sandwiches, bento boxes, sushi rolled to order and prepackaged side salads, soups, bubble tea, smoothies, and mochi and green tea ice creams. A very popular time of the day at the Café is Sushi Happy Hour offering select rolls for $3.50 from 2-5PM Daily. Bamboo Café prepares all of the sushi fresh daily for locations across campus including the Charles Street Market & Levering Kitchens on the Homewood campus and Maestro’s Café on the Peabody campus.


Peabody Institute Dining Locations

Dining Hall

The Peabody Dining Hall is a community gathering and popular dining spot for students, faculty, staff and Peabody Institute guests. We feature local farmers and artisans through our menu of scratch-made offerings that change daily. Our dining hall offers a continuous dining experience that is open late night and serves “light breakfast”, “light lunch” and “afternoon snacks” during slower times in between meals.

Maestro’s Café

Maestro’s Café is Peabody Institute’s neighborhood coffee shop. We offer locally roasted coffee from Baltimore based Zeke’s coffee as well as a variety of grab and go meal options including pre-packaged options from local artisan vendors, bagels, pastries and more. Maestro’s is a place where the Peabody community and the local neighborhood come together in a relaxing and inviting environment.