2024 Spring Community-Based Learning Courses Have Begun

Student listening to OrchKids talking

by: Sierra Romero

On January 30th, 25 students spent the morning learning about what their spring would be like to take a Community-based learning (CBL) course. Community-based learning is a pedagogical model that engages students, faculty, and Baltimore City Co-Educators in creating courses that support academic learning and community engagement that contributes to Co-Educator-identified needs. Essentially, it is an opportunity for students to learn both in and outside the classroom and have real-world experiences that bring learning to life.

In partnership with the Center for Social Concern’s Engaged Scholar Faculty and Community Partner Fellows program, Dr. Anne-Elizabeth Brodsky’s class, Reintroduction to Writing: Music, School, and Democracy, will spend this spring semester partnering with OrchKids.


Orchkids is a community engagement program of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra that brings music education, instrument instruction, and ensemble experience to children across Baltimore City. The after-school program is a no-cost opportunity focused on nurturing an appreciation for musicianship and developing social skills applicable to all aspects of life. Students in OrchKids talking

Students in Dr. Brodsky’s class can volunteer weekly as classroom assistants at three different school locations, and those who play an instrument can even bring their skills into the classroom.

Today’s class was the initial introduction between Dr. Brodsky’s two classes and Danielle Williams and Christy Grace from OrchKids. Here, the classes discussed the importance of music education, the inequity of access to said education, and why they were interested in joining the class. Many students’ answers ranged from wanting to become more involved in the city to reawakening their own young love for music.

Check back with the Center for Social Concern to learn more about upcoming experiences.