Meet the Tutorial Project Staff

Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project would not be as great as it is without our wonderful staff! Alongside getting to know all the amazing kids and their families, we would like you to get to know us.

Over the years, our group has grown to include directors, student directors, many student organizers and even more fabulous tutors! Thanks again to everyone, and enjoy your look around.

Student Directors

Headshot of Andion DizonAndion Dizon, Class of 2024, is a Chemistry and French double major from Richmond, VA.Headshot of Divya RavindraDivya Ravindra, Class of 2025, is a Computer Science major and Visual Arts minor from Coppell, TX.

Student Organizers

The Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project has two teams of organizers. One group supervises the Monday/Wednesday sessions while the other one watches over the Tuesday/Thursday sessions. The organizers test the kids before each semester to find out their strengths and needs. They are then responsible for matching them up with appropriate tutors and keeping track of their pairs' progress. The Tutorial Project is proud to introduce our team for the current semester.
Chris SulcaAlec Cabalinan
Eddie ZhangAndrea Chen
Emily BacaArham Alam
Grace LuettgenBrian Min
Jennifer IzaguirreCerina Pang
Jessamine JinEmily Pereira
Rebecca HanJennifer Lee
Sun MoonSam Suh
Wura ObasanjoSophia Ribeiro
Valeria Pasuizaca

Assistant Director, K-12 Initiatives

Amy Wilson
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