2019 Week 2: Law/Policy/Government

GRACE REN | MARTHA’S PLACE Every Sunday, I find myself wanting to put out a perfect blog post. I want to write something that tells a beautiful story, something that eloquently puts together the millions of emotions I feel every day. But actually, I am not feeling that urge today;…
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2019 Week 1: Policy/Law/Government

FAITH BROWN | YOUTHWORKS This first week of my internship has been a good mix of fast-paced and slow-paced work. So far, I have done a good job keeping up with journaling each day to reflect on what I have done, and how my feelings about my position develop. Day…
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2019 Orientation: Policy/Law/Government

GRACE REN | MARTHA’S PLACE Going into orientation for a second year, I prepared myself for moments of boredom and repetition that I assumed would occur from hearing the same things as I did last summer. In no way did I expect the tumultuous emotions I experienced throughout the week…
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