Keswick Multi-Care Center

2019 Week 6: Healthcare/Health Policy

CHANEL LEE | STAR TRACK This week I created a mental health and wellness presentation aimed for young boys in the community. Every month, STAR TRACK gives a presentation to a boys’ guild, and this month, they requested one on mental health. I also created a brochure with quick and…
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Week 3: Healthcare/Health Policy

CHANEL LEE | STAR TRACK This week was quite different from others prior. On Wednesday morning, I rode Route 22 on the MTA and traveled to 3701 Cottage Avenue to table at a community health resource fair. There, we offered free HIV testing and gave out condoms, lube, hot sex…
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2019 Orientation: Healthcare/Health Policy

HILENA GEBRE | JOY WELLNESS CENTER For the past two years, I’ve struggled with mending the relationship between my identity as a Hopkins student and my drive to serve the Baltimore community. The two seemed thoroughly incompatible; how would Baltimore, a city that has been historically exploited by the Johns…
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