LGBTQ Life serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied community at Johns Hopkins. You’re invited to visit our office, attend an upcoming event, or email us to ask any questions.

What We Do

About LGBTQ Life: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Life was founded in 2013. We provide a central home for information about gender identity and sexual orientation across the Hopkins community. Find out what we’re about via our events page, by signing up for our weekly newsletter, or following us on Facebook.

Community Support: LGBTQ Life provides interpersonal support through our office (drop in or make an appointment with the director) and our peer mentoring program. We have many resources specifically for transgender people. We have a series of identity-specific meet-ups. We also encourage Homewood students to connect with the LGBTQ Support Group through the Counseling Center. We’re also happy to make referrals to other Hopkins resources.

Education: We provide a variety of educational sessions, including Safe Zone training. Join one of our upcoming events for opportunities to learn. Our website has a glossary of terms used by the LGBTQ community as well as information specifically about gender identity. Also check out the many resources on our links page.

Advocacy: LGBTQ Life works to make campus climate safer and more inclusive. We are actively involved with the Diversity Leadership Council and other campus partners who are invested in LGBTQ inclusion.

Networking: LGBTQ Life serves as a central home for LGBTQA groups across the Hopkins community. We also have ties to many organizations in Baltimore and the DC area.

News & Announcements

  • Be a student intern with LGBTQ Life!

    LGBTQ Life is searching for a student intern for spring 2018! PDF Document: Read the full job description here.


  • Contribute to the Q-Jay Zine

    An expression of queer identities at Hopkins. The Q-Jay will provide a broadly accessible means for members of the Hopkins queer community to connect and support one another through art and writing.



  • Fall 2017 Events

    We’re looking forward to a fall filled with fabulous events. Check back often as we create new programs. And email with questions.


  • 2016-2017 Highlights

    We had a wonderful year together at LGBTQ Life! Here are some highlights from the 2016 – 2017 academic year. You can also read our PDF Document: annual report by following this link.


  • Statement of Support

    On behalf of the Diversity Leadership Council and LGBTQ Life, in order to show an engaged, supportive community at Johns Hopkins, we collected signatures in support of transgender people. On November 17, the statement and signatures were published in The Johns Hopkins News-Letter. 1117 students, staff, faculty, and alumni signed


  • Commitment to Transgender Inclusion

    LGBTQ Life is a safe space for people of all genders. We support everyone’s right to express their gender, receive respectful health care, and live free of gendered violence. We are committed to improving Johns Hopkins for transgender and gender non-conforming people.