SZ Foundations

SZ Foundations provide students, faculty, and staff with an introduction to the themes, concepts, identities, and Hopkins context that will be further explored in the Safe Zone workshops. These resources provide an additional opportunity to engage with the material that will be reinforced in the individual Safe Zone workshops. Safe Zone workshops will touch on the SZ Foundations topics as a brief refresher, but will assume familiarity with them so that the workshops can go deeper into the work. As such, it is recommended—though not required—that participants review the SZ Foundations for the corresponding Safe Zone workshop in the week leading up.

Additionally, students, faculty, and staff do not need to be registered for a particular workshop to explore the resources offered in the Safe Zone Foundations resource guides!

Need more of a refresher? Check out our Supporting Chosen Names and Pronouns page, our LGBTQ Glossary, or our Introduction to Transgender Identities page.


Click on the workshop you are taking to review the SZ Foundations resources