The OUTlist

The Johns Hopkins OUTlist consists of members of the Johns Hopkins community, including faculty, staff, alumni, students, postgraduate students, and fellows, who identify as LGBT. OUTlist members are willing to serve as mentors and part of an informal network for the LGBTQ community. The list is also intended to serve as a tool for recruiting and retaining the most talented people, to foster a culture in which everyone feels that their contributions are valued, and as another example of the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our proud launch of the OUTlist was October 11, 2011, National Coming Out Day. Students, staff members, house staff, postdocs, faculty and applicants to the institution are welcome to contact individuals on the OUTlist for advice and networking.

These names represent just a few of the LGBTQ members of our Hopkins community. There are barriers (both domestically and internationally) that prevent some members of our community from safely coming out. We hope that this list serves as a reminder that LGBTQ people deserve to live open and safe lives.

If you are interested in joining the OUTlist, we would love to add you! Please fill out this form.

A signed letter from President Daniels, encouraging acceptance, tolerance, and support with individuals and their diversities.