Ally Directory

heartThese allies are just a few of the campus community members who have decided to attend Safe Zone trainings and identify themselves here as supporters of the LGBTQA community. You are invited to contact them as resources and supporters. Click an ally’s name to be connected to their JHED listing and contact information. Click the column headers to alphabetize the names, or use the search box to find an individual person.

Date Trained First Last Status Main Campus
8/13/2014 Nicole Aaron staff Homewood
7/18/2017 James Abbott Staff Evergreen Museum & Library
11/5/2014 Yolanda Abel faculty Homewood
10/20/2016 Faith Abney staff rotunda
8/10/2017 Ashley Acosta-Fox Grad Student/Staff DC/BOB Building
12/9/2013 Kevin Adams staff Homewood
12/5/2013 Meghan Adams staff Homewood
10/15/2014 Judah Adashi faculty Peabody
8/18/2016 Jessica Ader staff Homewood
10/20/2016 Johnathan Aguilar grad Homewood
3/9/2016 Brianna Aheimer undergrad homewood
8/19/2016 Trisha Ahmed undergrad Homewood
5/13/2016 Lindsay Aker staff Bayview
10/2/2016 Daniel Akinbolue undergrad Homewood
11/1/2017 Nabeel Akram staff Thomes Street
11/19/2015 Bahar Alagheband staff DC
7/18/2016 Hedy Alavi faculty Homewood
3/30/2017 David Alexander staff Keswick
9/25/2015 Rachael M Alexandroff grad student Homewood
6/14/2016 Anastasia Alexov staff STScI
10/9/2015 Muhammad Ali Yousef staff Mt Washington
6/6/2016 Bethany Allen grad SON
11/1/2017 Brittany Allen staff JHpiego - Fells Point
11/1/2017 Antoinette Allsbrooks staff JHPiego
2/15/2017 Henry Alme staff APL
7/27/2014 Alessandra Aloisi staff STScI
12/15/2016 Savannah Altvater staff SAIS DC
9/16/2016 Kelvin Alvarez undergrad Homewood
6/12/2017 Rebecca Aman staff DC
2/16/2017 Jung Amaral graduate Medical
8/10/2017 Christopher Ambrose Staff Homewood
11/6/2017 Jessica Ames staff East Batto? Innovation
1/10/2017 Erika Anderson graduate Peabody
8/7/2017 Latchia Anderson Staff Jhpiego
11/16/2016 Nadia Andrade grad Nursing
10/9/2017 Regupathi Angappan grad student Homewood
10/25/2013 Tracey Angel staff Homewood
12/15/2016 Qivon Annan staff SAIS DC
4/17/2017 Jessica Antonen staff carey business school
6/10/2015 Elisa Apostle grad SON
11/13/2013 Michael Arico staff Homewood
10/28/2015 Gabriela Arizola grad student homewood
10/2/2016 Helena Arose undergrad Homewood
5/8/2015 Laura Arthur staff Carey
8/19/2016 Priya Arunachalam undergrad Homewood
4/6/2016 Amanda Arvai staff STSCI
7/26/2016 Samantha Asbury staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Su Ataman undergrad Homewood
6/10/2016 Lisa Auchinelors staff Homewood
10/26/2016 Robin Auer staff STScI
1/15/2016 Lisa August staff keswick
5/5/2014 Samantha Austin undergrad Medical
2/16/2017 Tanvi Avasthi graduate East Campus
8/16/2017 Karissa Avignon Undergrad Homewood
6/27/2014 Allison Avolio staff Homewood
10/24/2016 Robert Babb staff Homewood
9/21/2015 Kyle Bacon staff Homewood
3/25/2014 Enya Baez-Ferreras undergrad Homewood
6/14/2016 Sylvia Baggett staff STScI
3/23/2016 Nasreen Bahreman faculty School of Nursing
11/16/2014 Destiny Bailey undergrad Homewood
5/13/2014 Soraya Bailey staff Homewood
11/6/2017 Ryan Bailon grad student SoN
11/19/2015 Khorey Baker staff DC
10/2/2017 Sara Baker staff JHBMC
10/15/2014 Zane Baker staff Peabody
8/18/2016 Sanchita Balachandran faculty Homewood
9/12/2017 Dacia Balch staff School of Medicine
8/19/2014 Itay Balely staff Homewood
8/7/2017 Joya Banerjee Staff Washington, DC (Maternal Survival Program)
3/23/2016 Rachel Banger graduate student School of Nursing
9/16/2016 Tai Barber-Gumbs undergrad Homewood
9/1/2016 Althea Bardin staff Homewood
1/8/2014 Emily Barone undergrad Peabody
11/3/2014 Megan Barrett staff East Baltimore
11/6/2017 Lou Bartolo grad student JHUSON
10/7/2014 Tristin Bates staff Bond Street
10/5/2016 Avery Baumann grad Homewood
8/19/2014 Eric Beatty staff Homewood
2/24/2015 Justin Beauchamp staff Homewood
10/26/2016 Tracy Beck faculty/staff Homewood
6/3/2016 Abbey Becker staff Bond Street
11/3/2014 Katherine Bednarczyk grad East Baltimore
8/24/2015 Annie Behari staff Homewood
4/13/2015 Helen Behr grad Homewood
2/4/2017 Jenna Bellantoni undergrad Homewood
6/12/2017 Daniel Bell-Moran staff DC
6/12/2017 S. Cristina Benitez staff DC
3/7/2017 Ellie Benner staff Homewood
6/13/2017 Samantha Bennett Staff Homewood
2/15/2017 Alice Berman staff APL-Laurel
8/19/2016 Mia Berman undergrad Homewood
1/7/2014 Stacey Berman staff Homewood
12/9/2013 Mike Bernard staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Astha Berry undergrad Homewood
9/22/2015 Norma Jean Berry staff Homewood
8/9/2016 Kara Beverly staff Homewood
2/23/2017 Lisa Beyer staff East Baltimore
3/30/2015 Christianne Bharath undergrad Homewood
12/21/2016 Kaydi Bigelow staff Medical
10/28/2014 T. Scott Biggs staff MTS
8/3/2017 Paul Binkley Staff Homewood
8/24/2017 Didel Bish Grad Student/Staff Peabody
5/10/2017 Maria Blackburn staff Mt Washington
12/5/2013 Kenneth Blake staff Homewood
12/13/2016 Bailey Blashford staff Homewood
5/5/2014 Ashley Blocker undergrad Medical
3/23/2016 Kate Boehner graduate student School of Nursing
8/1/2017 Laura Boesler Staff Columbia/Harbor East
10/5/2016 Kirsten Bohn faculty Homewood
9/25/2015 Chantal Boisvert staff homewood
12/13/2016 Matthew Bolling staff Homewood
5/5/2014 Richelle Bolyard staff Medical
5/8/2015 Rebecca Bonco staff DC
5/11/2016 David Borncamp staff STSCI
1/13/2016 Jessica Borowski staff eastern
1/15/2015 Debby Bors staff Homewood
3/7/2017 Mandie Bourdman staff Mt. Washington
5/11/2016 Matthew Bourque staff STSCI
7/18/2016 Edward Bouwer faculty Homewood
5/11/2016 Mia Bovill staff STSCI
11/13/2013 Gus Bowling undergrad Homewood
8/9/2016 Linda Boyd staff Homewood
9/6/2017 Martha Boyer Staff STScI
10/28/2015 Linnea Braaten grad student Homewood
3/23/2016 Maia Bradley graduate student School of Nursing
3/13/2015 James Brailer faculty Homewood
2/1/2017 Linda Braun graduate Homewood
10/2/2016 Sarah Braver undergrad Homewood
9/22/2015 Derek Brehm grad Homewood
8/10/2015 Davida Breier staff Homewood
4/21/2014 Pam Bresnahan staff STScI
3/30/2017 Willis Bret staff Keswick
5/11/2016 Stacey Bright staff STSCI
9/6/2017 Amos Britton Staff STScI
1/15/2015 Keith Brock grad/staff Homewood
4/4/2014 Anne-Elizabeth Brodsky faculty Homewood
3/7/2015 Brett Brodsky undergrad Homewood
9/18/2015 Simeon Brodsky staff Mt. Washington`
6/14/2016 Brian Brooks staff STScI
10/9/2017 Shemika M. Brooks staff Homewood
11/13/2013 Jade Brown staff Homewood
8/10/2017 Jenine Brown Faculty Peabody
11/14/2014 Lauren Brown grad Homewood
8/19/2016 Matthew Brown undergrad Homewood
3/30/2015 Rebecca Brown faculty Homewood
6/23/2015 Richard Brown faculty Homewood
4/21/2014 Sheryl Bruff staff STScI
12/9/2013 Kate Bruffett staff Homewood
10/13/2016 Shane Bryan staff east baltimore
1/7/2014 Stephanie Bryant staff Homewood
10/13/2016 Edda Buddon staff East Baltimore
10/5/2016 Alicia Burely staff Homewood
10/13/2016 Frances Burman staff JHSPH
8/1/2016 Zachary Burwell staff Homewood
10/28/2014 Dawn Butler staff MTW
3/14/2016 Monica Butta staff Homewood
8/24/2017 Andrew Butts Undergrad Peabody
2/27/2017 Iesha Caisey graduate School of Education
6/27/2014 Alyse Campbell staff Homewood
6/14/2016 Alicia Canipe staff STScI
6/6/2016 Theresa Cannone staff SON
10/26/2016 James Caplinger staff STScI
10/13/2016 Janet Carn staff SPH
10/15/2014 Darryl Carr staff Peabody
8/19/2016 Ronann Carrero undergrad Homewood
8/19/2016 Ryan Carroll undergrad Homewood
10/26/2016 Geoffrey Carter staff STScI
3/30/2017 Kenny Carter staff Keswick
5/9/2014 Tracy Carter staff Homewood
6/13/2017 Christopher Case Staff Homewood
11/19/2013 Gabriel Castellano staff Homewood
10/13/2015 JoJo Castellanos undergrad Homewood
10/3/2014 Richmond Castillo staff Medical
6/10/2016 Kristian Castro staff Homewood
10/15/2014 Larry Catron staff Peabody
8/24/2015 Stephanie Cerini staff Homewood
11/19/2015 Ursula Cerro grad student, staff DC
8/19/2016 Diya Sabrina Chandra undergrad Homewood
2/4/2017 Adam Chang undergrad Homewood
6/13/2017 Pauline Charbogne staff Medical Campus (SOM, SPH, SON)
9/6/2017 Jody Charles Staff STScI
5/15/2015 Albert Chavesta undergrad Homewood
10/9/2015 Genevieve Chawluk staff Mt Washington
6/23/2015 Laura Chen undergrad Homewood
6/10/2015 Vicki Cheng undergrad SON
11/3/2014 Alex Chernow grad Medical
11/3/2014 Diana Chia grad SON
10/26/2016 Marco Chiaberge faculty STScI
5/15/2015 Evelyn Chiu undergrad Homewood
8/19/2016 Lucinda Chiu undergrad Homewood
10/28/2015 Sun Ah Choie grad student homeword
3/30/2015 Christian Cholish undergrad Homewood
5/8/2015 Matt Chullin staff harbor east
4/9/2015 Jennifer Ciattei staff E. Baltimore - Bond St.
6/7/2016 Sarah Ciotola staff Homewood
6/27/2014 Lori Citti staff Homewood
2/1/2017 Brittany Claridge staff Homewood
11/5/2014 Jacqueline Clements staff Homewood
3/28/2017 Nicole Clemson staff DC
10/20/2016 Karen Clendenin staff STScI
9/22/2015 Alice Cocoros grad Homewood
1/13/2016 Jacklyn Coe staff eastern high school
2/23/2017 Darrell Coffey staff East Baltimore
11/15/2016 Amanda Colaianni staff Homewood
5/15/2015 Garlyn Colas undergrad Homewood
12/21/2016 Nancy Cole staff Homewood
11/19/2013 Tim Cole staff Homewood
10/24/2016 Tim Cole staff Homewood
10/20/2016 Kelly Coleman staff rotunda
4/3/2017 Rachel Coll staff Homewood
5/15/2015 Joseph Colon staff Homewood
10/28/2014 Joe Compton staff MTW
12/5/2013 Bill Connor staff Homewood
1/28/2016 christine Conway staff homewood
7/8/2016 Michelle Cookson staff Homewood
5/5/2014 Sarah Cornblath grad Medical
5/15/2015 Alina Corona undergrad Homewood
8/20/2016 Talisa Coronado undergrad Homewood
5/22/2015 Frances Correra Ufnar staff East Baltimore
7/18/2016 Cassandra Cosans grad Homewood
2/8/2016 Ashley Costello staff Homewood
10/24/2013 John Cotoia undergrad Homewood
3/7/2017 Merissa Courtright staff East Baltimore
8/19/2014 Ami Cox staff Homewood
11/14/2014 Courtney Cox grad Homewood
2/1/2017 Lauren Crabtree staff E Baltimore
7/22/2016 Bryan Crawford staff Homewood
11/19/2015 Noemi Crespo Rice staff DC
10/13/2015 Devin Crichton grad student Homewood
3/30/2017 Saralyn Cruickshank staff Keswick
8/19/2016 Ariana Cruz grad student Homewood
5/15/2015 Mollie Ann Cueva-Dabkoski undergrad Homewood
3/30/2017 Lauren Custer staff Keswick
8/10/2015 Lora Czarnowsky staff Homewood/JHU Press
8/19/2016 Jacob Dachman undergrad Homewood
3/30/2017 Heather Dalby staff Keswick
8/20/2016 Karis D'Alessandro undergrad Homewood
12/9/2013 Laura Dalrymple staff Homewood
11/5/2014 Jan Danforth staff Homewood
4/17/2017 Elisabeth Danner staff carey business school
3/12/2014 Larry David staff Homewood
9/12/2017 Brandon Davis staff Homewood
8/24/2015 Victoria Dawe staff homewood
1/13/2016 Dominique Dawson staff east baltimore
12/9/2013 Fay Day staff Homewood
7/27/2014 John Debes staff STScI
5/15/2015 John Del Toro undergrad Homewood
10/9/2017 Morgan Delaware staff Homewood
6/10/2016 Susan deMuth staff Homewood
5/31/2016 Philip Dennis staff Bond Street
11/6/2017 Kelli DePriest grad student east baltimore
11/5/2014 Joan DeSimone faculty SOE
7/26/2016 Karen Desser staff Homewood
7/27/2014 Susana Deustua staff STScI
3/20/2014 Marty Devaney staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Jacob Deyell1 undergrad Homewood
3/15/2016 Jackie Deyo staff Columbia
1/13/2016 Dale Deyoung staff EB
8/19/2016 Miguel Dias undergrad Homewood
9/21/2015 Kristen Diehl staff Homewood
8/1/2016 Jerry Dieringer staff Homewood
4/17/2017 Miriam Dignan staff carey business school
10/13/2016 Karen Dionesotes graduate student East Baltimore
4/21/2014 Van Dixon staff STScI
3/20/2014 Lorrie Dodd staff Homewood
4/21/2014 Jesse Doggett staff STScI
5/13/2016 Kimberly Doheny faculty Bayview
1/27/2017 Elizabeth Doherty undergrad Homewood
10/9/2017 Andraya Dolbee staff Homewood
3/28/2017 Jacques Domenge staff DC
6/14/2016 Tom Donaldson staff STScI
9/18/2015 Marc Donohue faculty homewood
12/18/2013 Lillian Donovan staff Homewood
6/23/2015 Jacob Dooling undergrad Homewood
12/18/2013 Sharon Dorrian staff Homewood
6/10/2016 Michell Dorsey-Jackson staff Homewood
4/3/2017 Heather Douglas staff east baltimore
6/14/2016 Rob Douglas staff STScI
7/27/2014 Theresa Dower staff STScI
5/8/2015 Mike Doyle staff Carey
10/9/2015 Ray Drummons staff East Baltimore
11/16/2014 Anna Du undergrad Homewood
7/18/2017 David Dudek Staff Homewood
11/6/2017 Shawn Dudley Brown faculty JHMI
5/13/2016 Kevin Duerr staff Bayview
8/19/2016 Carolyn Duman undergrad Homewood
6/6/2016 Marissa Duprey grad SON
1/15/2015 Jennifer D'Urso staff Homewood
10/7/2014 Christina DuVernay staff Fells Point/Hospital
8/19/2016 Isis Dwyer undergrad Homewood
3/23/2016 Katherine Dwyer undergrad School of Nursing
6/7/2016 Renee Eastwood staff Homewood
3/15/2016 Jenny Eddinger staff Columbia
8/16/2017 LaToya Eff Off Campus Staff Homewood
11/1/2017 Shannon Egan staff fells
8/1/2016 Jason Eisner faculty Homewood
11/5/2014 Betsy Emery staff Homewood
9/22/2015 Nick Eminizer grad Homewood
6/12/2017 Franklin Eneh staff DC
6/13/2017 Lael Ensor Staff Homewood
8/18/2016 Lisa Ercolano staff Homewood
11/18/2014 Marie Esch staff East Baltimore
8/19/2016 Sophia Espinosa undergrad Homewood
12/18/2013 Kaitlyn Estes staff Homewood
2/8/2016 Tiffany Etzel staff Wyman Park
1/27/2017 Isabel Evans undergrad Homewood
11/14/2014 Maria Evans grad Homewood
11/5/2014 Rhodri Evans staff Homewood
10/5/2016 Cindy Faherty staff Homewood
6/12/2017 Lindsey Falbo staff DC
3/23/2016 Elizabeth Falletta graduate student East Baltimore
5/15/2015 Mina Farag undergrad Homewood
11/6/2014 Michelle Farhat staff Homewood
11/16/2016 Rachell Farnham grad Medical
7/22/2016 Mary Favret faculty Homewood
5/22/2015 Ariel Fedele staff East Baltimore
9/22/2015 Dave Fehling grad Homewood
4/6/2016 Ann Feild staff STSCI
9/16/2016 Jenn Feldmann staff
5/31/2016 Jesse Fendya staff Bond Street
11/16/2016 Aymee Fenwick grad Medical
6/27/2014 Irene Ferguson staff Homewood
9/1/2016 Susana Ferrada staff Homewood
4/6/2016 Jocelyn Ferrara staff STSCI
8/10/2015 Suzanne Ferrero Staff Homewood
11/19/2013 Jonas Fester staff Homewood
12/5/2013 Dedre Feyijinmi staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Jessica Finkelstein staff Homewood
10/25/2013 Emily Fisher faculty Homewood
10/24/2016 Hillary Fisher staff Homewood
10/2/2017 Martin Fisher staff JHB
1/15/2015 David Fishman staff Homewood
7/8/2016 Mary Ellen Flaherty staff Homewood
7/11/2016 Kerstin Flynn staff Carey - DC
8/7/2017 Linda Fogarty Staff Jhpiego
8/19/2014 Lisa Folda staff Homewood
3/7/2015 Katya Forbes undergrad Homewood
11/16/2016 Athena Ford grad JHMI
10/25/2013 Pat Forster staff Homewood
11/3/2014 Bethany Foskett undergrad East Baltimore
9/16/2016 Laura Foster staff Homewood
1/13/2016 Barbara Fowler staff eastern high school
10/28/2015 Courtney Framm grad student Homewood
10/24/2013 Kimmee Frankenfield staff Homewood
3/7/2017 Meredith Fraser graduate Homewood
6/14/2016 Lisa Frattare staff STScI
10/25/2013 Joan Freedman staff Homewood
2/1/2017 Kirsten Fricke staff Homewood
1/8/2014 Zoe Fried undergrad Peabody
10/24/2013 Peter Froehlich faculty Homewood
7/26/2016 Yulia Frumer faculty Homewood
4/3/2017 Robin Frutchey staff East Baltimore
10/5/2016 Jim Fry staff Homewood
1/15/2015 Adam Fuller staff Homewood
10/13/2015 Tara Fuller staff Homewood
4/6/2016 Alex Fullerton staff STSCI
10/28/2014 Mary Gabinet staff MTW
2/4/2017 Angel Gabriel undergrad Homewood
3/12/2014 Fred Gager staff Homewood
8/18/2016 Stavros Gaitanaros faculty Homewood
8/18/2016 Kate Gallagher staff Homewood
11/13/2013 Lisa Gallagher staff Homewood
6/10/2016 Lydia Gallant-Britton staff Homewood
11/1/2017 Alishea Galvin staff JHPiego
3/23/2016 Clare Gamble undergrad School of Nursing
4/3/2017 Stephanie Gamble staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Pranathi Ganni undergrad Homewood
8/16/2017 Anna Garcia Undergrad Homewood
7/19/2017 Mark Garcia Staff East Baltimore--Fells Point
3/23/2016 Claudia Garcia Diaz graduate student School of Nursing
10/2/2016 Candice Gard undergrad Homewood
1/7/2016 Melina Garibovic undergrad peabody
8/3/2017 Ann Garner Staff Homewood
4/21/2014 Bruce Garrett staff STScI
8/24/2017 Benjamin Gascon Undergrad Peabody
4/3/2017 Joy Gaslevic staff Homewood
8/1/2016 Gabrielle Gauthier undergrad Homewood
12/13/2016 Caitlin Gayles staff Homewood
6/27/2014 Dennice Gayme faculty Homewood
8/10/2017 Bonnie Gebhart Staff Keswick
2/24/2017 Jenny Gelman staff SAIS
10/26/2016 Mario Gennaro staff STScI
4/21/2014 Susan Gerb staff STScI
11/16/2016 Danielle German faculty East Baltimore
9/21/2015 Erica Gettes staff Homewood
2/27/2017 Mitra Ghandeharizadeh graduate Homewood
11/3/2014 Andi Giachetti grad Medical
11/15/2016 Rachel Gibson staff keswick/homewood
1/15/2015 Janet Gilbert grad/staff Homewood
4/21/2014 Karoline Gilbert staff STScI
10/28/2014 Stephany Gilbert staff Keswick
7/13/2016 Susan Gilden staff Carey - Baltimore
7/18/2017 Jim Gillispie Staff Homewood
11/29/2016 Simone Gilner staff Homewood
4/21/2014 Mark Giuliano staff STScI
7/19/2017 Carol Glagola Staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Erin Gleeson staff Homewood
4/13/2015 Ethan Glemaker grad Homewood
1/13/2016 Charles Glicksman staff east baltimore
6/7/2016 Tracy Glink staff Homewood
11/19/2015 Sheimaliz Glover grad student DC
5/11/2016 Christine Godfrey staff STSCI
7/27/2014 John Godfrey staff STScI
2/8/2016 Sara Godman staff Bayview
3/7/2017 Anna Goffin staff Homewood
3/7/2017 Elena Goffredi staff homewood
1/27/2017 Joan Golding undergrad Homewood
2/4/2017 Kimberley Gonzales undergrad Homewood
6/7/2016 Nicole Goode staff Homewood
8/18/2016 Kelsie Gory staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Bob Graham faculty Homewood
8/13/2014 Laura Granite staff Homewood
7/22/2016 Jeffrey Gray faculty Homewood
3/23/2016 Lauren Greco graduate student School of Nursing
11/29/2016 Laura Greeley staff Homewood
10/13/2015 Alexandra Greenbaum grad student Homewood
9/16/2016 Julia Greenspan staff Homewood
11/19/2013 Jonathan Gregory staff Homewood
6/23/2015 Gia Grier staff Homewood
9/21/2015 Elizabeth Griffen staff Homewood
4/4/2014 Sean Griffith staff Bayview
1/7/2016 Bjorn Grina graduate student/staff peabody
9/16/2016 Alicia Grogan staff Homewood
12/13/2016 Krista Grubb staff Homewood
8/18/2016 James Guest faculty homewood
5/2/2017 Clifton Guidry undergrad peabody
6/23/2015 Claude Guillemard faculty Homewood
9/25/2015 Lin Guo grad student homewood
5/5/2014 Zoe Gutterman undergrad Medical
7/22/2016 Eileen Haase faculty Homewood
6/14/2016 J. Brendan Hagan staff STScI
5/15/2015 Bitseti Hagos undergrad Homewood
3/12/2014 Mary Haile staff Homewood
5/9/2016 Thomas Haine faculty Homewood
5/15/2015 Diamond Hale undergrad Homewood
2/15/2017 Shannon Hall staff APL
5/10/2017 Takiya Hamilton staff Homewood
12/13/2016 Celeste Hamre staff Homewood
5/8/2015 Karen Hansberger staff Carey
5/5/2014 Bryan Hansen grad Medical
11/6/2014 Grace Hao undergrad Homewood
1/7/2016 Alexander Hardan undergrad Peabody
5/31/2016 Brian Harder staff Bond Street
10/20/2016 Johnathan Hargis staff STScI
8/19/2016 Gracie Hargrove undergrad Homewood
5/15/2015 Girija Hariprasad undergrad Homewood
11/16/2016 Jessica Harlan staff East Baltimore
6/10/2016 Gwen Harley staff Homewood
7/18/2016 Ciaran Harman faculty Homewood
10/15/2014 Maureen Harrigan staff Peabody
11/19/2013 Bill Harrington staff Homewood
10/13/2016 Jessica Harrington staff East Baltimore
5/11/2016 Marvin Harris staff STSCI
5/2/2017 Winston Harris undergrad peabody
8/7/2017 Heather Harrison Staff Jhpiego 1615 Thames St.
11/13/2013 Hana Hasan staff Homewood
12/15/2016 Jonathan Haskett faculty SAIS DC
8/10/2017 Anne S. Haskins Staff Homewood
3/23/2016 Dan Hasslek undergrad East Baltimore
4/6/2016 William Hathaway staff STSCI
11/6/2017 Regina Hatley grad student JHH
8/18/2016 Sally Hauf staff Homewood
11/15/2016 Jocelyn Haversat grad Homewood
1/28/2016 Reginia Hawkins staff east baltimore
5/11/2016 Robert Hawkins staff STSCI
8/3/2017 Alayna Hayes Staff Homewood
6/10/2016 Diane Heavel Smith staff Homewood
2/15/2017 Misty Hechinger staff APL
9/25/2015 Tim Heckman faculty homewood
10/13/2016 Dan Heflin staff JHSPH
6/10/2016 Jason Heiserman staff Homewood
5/13/2014 Drew Heles staff Homewood
2/1/2017 Andrew Hellinger undergrad Homewood
2/24/2015 Richard Helman staff Homewood
8/7/2017 Betsy Hendrickson Staff Jhpiego
9/6/2017 Dianne Henricks Staff STScI
9/16/2016 Katie Henry staff Homewood
4/17/2017 Elyse Heob grad bloomberg
9/21/2015 Heidi Herr staff Homewood
2/4/2017 Stephanie Herrera undergrad Homewood
12/15/2016 Gretta Herrin staff SAIS DC
9/6/2017 Brigette Hesman Staff STScI
11/14/2014 Stephanie Hespe grad Homewood
10/5/2016 Gaby Hess staff Homewood
3/7/2015 Margo Heston undergrad Homewood
4/3/2017 Kimberly Hewitt staff Homewood
2/8/2016 Jeannine Heynes staff homewood
3/23/2016 Summer Hiett graduate student School of Nursing
11/3/2014 Elizabeth Hillman grad JHUSON
5/13/2016 Ashley Hills staff Bayview
10/26/2016 Dean Hines C. faculty Homewood
5/15/2015 Laura Hinsch undergrad Homewood
4/13/2015 Adrian Hinson staff Columbia Center
3/30/2015 Kyle Hoban grad Homewood
4/21/2014 Sherie Holfeltz staff STScI
2/16/2017 Janna Holm staff Keswick
11/3/2014 Elizabeth Holmes undergrad East Baltimore
2/23/2017 Jaymie Hornberger staff East Baltimore
11/5/2014 Jeremy Hornberger staff Homewood
11/1/2017 Alisha Horowitz staff Fells Point
2/8/2016 Sarah Horst faculty homewood
5/11/2016 Don Hough staff STSCI
1/15/2016 Leana Houser staff homewood
1/16/2014 William Hoy staff Homewood
8/24/2017 Pheobe (Chia-Chen) Hu Grad Student Peabody
12/5/2013 Jennifer Hua staff Homewood
5/31/2016 Audrey Huang staff SOM
11/14/2014 Sean Huang grad Homewood
2/1/2017 Samantha Hubbard staff Homewood
11/6/2017 Krysia Hudson faculty JHUSON
11/29/2016 Christina Hughes staff Homewood
4/17/2017 Colleen Hughes staff harbor east
10/9/2015 Jack Huguley staff Mt Washington
12/13/2016 Jenny Hunken staff Homewood
10/2/2016 Beverly Hurley undergrad Homewood
5/13/2016 Marie Hurley staff Bayview
8/24/2017 Lawrence Hutfles Undergrad Peabody
12/18/2013 Monique Hyppolite staff Homewood
2/27/2017 Jackie Iloh graduate Ed school
11/5/2014 Kristin Ingram grad Montgomery
11/3/2014 Hazuki Inoue undergrad JHMI
10/28/2014 Brandy Iskin staff MTW
3/9/2016 Illysa Izenberg faculty homewood
6/12/2017 Jordi Izzard staff DC
12/15/2016 Sidney Jackson staff SAIS DC
1/15/2016 Paul Jacobus staff keswick
1/15/2015 Hilary Jacqmin staff Homewood
10/13/2016 Keilah Jacques staff East Baltimore
6/27/2014 Alan James staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Amanda Jan undergrad Homewood
12/15/2016 Allison Janos staff SAIS DC
5/13/2016 Lisa Jarvis staff Bayview
8/1/2017 Megan Jeffrey Staff Carey Business School
5/11/2016 Ann Jenkins staff STSCI
4/14/2016 Helmut Jenkner staff STSCI
4/9/2015 Stacia Jesner staff E. Baltimore
5/13/2016 Mary Jewell staff Bayview
1/7/2014 Alan Joffe staff Homewood
12/21/2016 Deborah Johnson staff Homewood
10/3/2014 Janel Johnson staff Homewood
5/13/2016 Kristin Johnson staff Bayview
8/10/2017 Paulina Johnson Staff Homewood
9/1/2016 Katherine Jones staff Homewood
5/8/2015 Michelle Jones staff harbor east
5/13/2014 Natasha Jones staff Homewood
1/7/2014 Terri Jones staff Homewood
2/27/2017 Danielle Jordan graduate Homewood
8/19/2016 Hailey jordan undergrad Homewood
8/10/2017 Emily Joseph Staff Peabody & Homewood
10/13/2016 Jonathan Joseph-Spaulding graduate student SPH
10/15/2014 Erika Juengst staff Peabody
8/16/2017 Raihan Kabir Undergrad Homewood
5/13/2016 Kathryn Kafka staff Bayview
9/22/2015 Shari L. Kain staff Homewood
4/6/2016 Noe Kains staff STSCI
10/20/2016 Catherine Kaleida staff STScI
7/18/2017 Keith Kaneda Staff Homewood
11/6/2017 Erika Kaneko grad student JH nursing
6/10/2015 Jasmine Kaneshiro undergrad SON
9/18/2015 Suzanne Kantt staff homewood
11/14/2014 Leslie Karbeling grad Homewood
5/9/2016 Jamie Karl staff Eastern
11/3/2014 Emily Kashka staff East Baltimore
6/7/2016 Christine Kavanagh staff Homewood
10/28/2015 Nicole Kay grad student Homewood
6/14/2016 John Kaylor staff STScI
10/28/2014 Kris Kazmierski staff Homewood
4/9/2015 Michael Keating staff E. Baltimore
1/7/2016 Elizabeth Keckeisen undergrad Peabody
8/3/2017 Jessica L. Keene Grad Student/Staff Homewood
6/13/2017 Kathryn Kelley Staff Carey
1/7/2014 Shawneen Kelley staff Homewood
5/27/2015 Ariane Kelly staff Homewood
8/3/2017 Caroline Kelly Grad Student/Staff Homewood
8/13/2014 Healther Kelm staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Leslie Kendrick faculty Homewood
1/15/2015 Nicole Kendzejeski staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Anshel Kenkare undergrad Homewood
6/6/2016 Caroline Kennedy staff SON
4/14/2016 Jessica Kenney staff STSCI
11/1/2017 Renata Kepner staff fells point
2/1/2017 Roanna Kessler staff Homewood
3/7/2015 Louis Kester undergrad Homewood
9/22/2015 Kelley Key staff Homewood
7/18/2017 Jessica Keyes Staff Homewood
1/15/2016 ryan kielbasa staff homewood
12/18/2013 Ellen Kim staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Jake Kim undergrad Homewood
5/15/2015 Sangri Kim undergrad Homewood
9/1/2016 Joyeong Kimura staff Homewood
10/9/2015 Rose Kinder staff Mt Washington
10/31/2016 Johnathan Kindred staff Homewood
11/19/2015 Geoffrey King grad student DC
7/18/2017 Jennifer Kinniff Staff Homewood
11/5/2014 Connie Kinsley staff Homewood
8/16/2017 Alec Kipnes Undergrad Peabody
12/18/2013 Melissa Kirby staff Homewood
7/11/2016 Melissa Kirkendall staff Carey - DC
10/25/2013 Janet Kirsch staff Homewood
2/21/2016 Jacob Klein undergrad homewood
4/21/2014 Lisa Kleinwort staff STScI
4/3/2017 Mia Klimchai staff Mt. Washington
10/2/2016 Anna Koerner undergrad Homewood
2/8/2016 Kit Shaun Tommy Koh undergrad homewood
11/16/2016 Binu Koirala grad Nursing
8/24/2015 Laura Kolb staff Homewood
11/1/2017 Estetania Konarek staff JHPiego
4/4/2014 Jonathan Konel undergrad Homewood
8/20/2016 Bhavitha Kotha undergrad Homewood
6/10/2015 Sharon Kozachik undergrad SON
5/13/2014 David Kraemer faculty Homewood
10/31/2016 Kyle Kraft-Culkin staff Homewood
6/3/2016 Tamara Kravitz staff Bond Street
4/14/2016 Gerard Kriss staff STSCI
2/4/2017 Leigh Kulpa undergrad Homewood
2/16/2017 Yi-Hsuan (Monica) Kung undergrad Homewood
8/18/2016 Krissy Kunkel staff Homewood
10/25/2013 Jessica Kupper staff Homewood
5/2/2017 Anastasia Kupstas undergrad peabody
5/13/2016 Kim Kutchins staff Bayview
4/14/2016 Mark Kyprianon staff STSCI
10/28/2015 Imani Ladson grad student homewood
8/24/2017 Mofan Lai Undergrad Peabody
9/6/2017 Victoria Laidler Staff STScI
7/27/2014 Rachel Lajoie staff STScI
6/14/2016 Tracy Lamb staff STScI
5/10/2017 Raquel Lambert-Warrick grad SOE
6/23/2015 Julian Lane grad SPH
10/5/2016 Shirley Laney staff East Baltimore
8/20/2016 Lawrence langan undergrad Homewood
4/4/2014 Josh Langfus undergrad Homewood
4/13/2015 Kristine Larson grad East Baltimore
7/22/2016 Kim Le grad/staff Homewood
6/10/2015 Lily Leach staff SON
3/12/2014 Leslie Leathers staff Homewood
11/19/2013 Jackie Lebeau staff Homewood
11/15/2016 Daniel Ledford staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Grace Lee undergrad Homewood
9/16/2016 Justin Lee undergrad Homewood
10/2/2016 Trevor Lee undergrad Homewood
1/13/2016 Susan Lee Bathgate staff
11/6/2017 Sharon Lehil grad student SoN
2/24/2017 Anna Lemberger staff SAIS
9/1/2016 Michael Lent staff Homewood
3/20/2014 Niel Leon staff Homewood
5/15/2015 Katerina Lescouflair undergrad Homewood
6/14/2016 Karen Levay staff STScI
10/13/2016 Mindi Levin staff East Baltimore
10/15/2014 Ron Levy faculty Peabody
10/15/2014 Elizabeth Lewis staff Peabody
10/26/2016 Matthew Lewis staff Homewood
11/16/2016 Erwin William Leyva grad JHMI
2/4/2017 Anne Li undergrad Homewood
3/30/2017 Pam Li staff Homewood
11/16/2016 Quanlei Li grad Nursing
9/22/2015 Ellen Libao staff Homewood
4/6/2016 Pey Lian Lim staff STSCI
5/13/2016 Hua Ling staff Bayview
11/13/2013 Susie Lipscher staff Homewood
10/2/2016 Patrick Little undergrad Homewood
3/25/2014 Ashley Liverpool undergrad Homewood
6/7/2016 Kathy Loehmer staff Homewood
9/6/2017 Douglas Long Staff STScI
11/19/2013 Erin Long staff Homewood
10/13/2015 Rachel Long undergrad Homewood
5/15/2015 Justin Lopez undergrad Homewood
1/15/2016 Lucas Lopez staff keswick
1/13/2016 Melissa Lopez staff East Baltimore
2/16/2017 Nikki Lopez Suarez undergrad Homewood
3/13/2015 John Lorch staff Carey
12/21/2016 Aubrey Loughlin staff Homewood
8/16/2017 Jasmine Love Undergrad JHU
12/21/2016 Kenna Lowe staff Homewood
10/2/2016 Emily Lubin undergrad Homewood
3/30/2017 Amy Lunday staff Keswick
6/14/2016 Marc Lussier staff STScI
11/1/2017 Megan Lydon staff JHPiego
4/21/2014 Jessie Lynch staff STScI
11/1/2017 Tara MacDowell staff 0
2/1/2017 Feilim MacGabhann faculty Homewood
5/9/2016 Carolyn Mack staff Homewood
8/20/2016 Sabrina Mackey-Alfonso undergrad Homewood
3/30/2017 Meg Magagna staff Keswick
11/1/2017 Ronald Maganick staff/faculty JHpiego
5/8/2015 Caitlin Magidson staff DC
8/20/2016 Wadia Mahzabeen undergrad Homewood
8/13/2014 Jeanie Majewski staff Homewood
1/15/2015 Mark Malloy staff Homewood
11/19/2015 Sean Maloney staff DC
8/7/2017 Christina Maly Staff 1615 Thames St.
10/13/2015 Osiris Mancer undergrad Homewood
9/6/2017 Crystal Mannfolk Staff STScI
6/6/2016 Demetrius Marcoulies grad SON
8/19/2016 Elissa Mardiney undergrad Homewood
3/30/2015 Nevena Marinkovic undergrad Homewood
1/7/2014 Yvonne Mark staff Homewood
6/23/2015 Vanessa Markgraf undergrad Homewood
10/20/2016 Amanda Marrione staff STScI
7/7/2017 Gwen Martins Staff Homewood
4/6/2016 Catherine Martlin staff STSCI
4/14/2016 Kari Marzola staff STSCI
3/12/2014 Justin Massey staff Homewood
8/24/2017 Sonia Matheus Undergrad Peabody
7/8/2016 Amanda Mattos staff Homewood
10/13/2016 Cathy Maulsby faculty East Baltimore
6/14/2016 Aparna Maybhate staff STScI
10/3/2014 Cora Mayenschein staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Kelly Mayer staff Homewood
9/22/2015 Stephan R. McCandliss faculty Homewood
6/23/2015 Pamela McCann staff East Baltimore
1/15/2015 Juliana McCarthy staff Homewood
8/24/2017 SoJourner McClure Undergrad Peabody
3/7/2017 Monya McCombs staff Homewood
3/23/2016 Kendall Mccoy graduate student School of Nursing
4/13/2015 Liz McCreary staff Homewood
5/15/2015 Kennedy McDaniel undergrad Homewood
10/13/2015 Thomas McDermott staff Homewood
11/15/2016 Eileen McDonald faculty JHMI
6/10/2015 Laura McDonald undergrad SON
6/23/2015 Patrick McDonald grad Homewood
2/1/2017 Lauren McDonald-Hyland staff Peabody
8/24/2017 Savannah McElhaney Undergrad Peabody
6/12/2017 Brian McEntee staff DC
11/14/2015 Gale McFarlane undergrad Homewood
2/24/2017 John McGeoch staff SAIS
11/6/2014 Lauren McGhee staff Homewood
4/4/2014 Scott McGhee staff Homewood
7/8/2016 Jennifer McKay staff Homewood
8/3/2017 Tessa McKenzie Staff Homewood
1/7/2014 Gail McLean staff Homewood
6/14/2016 Courtney McManus staff STScI
12/15/2016 Tanya McMillian staff SAIS DC
5/13/2016 Ivy McMullen staff Bayview
8/1/2017 Erin McPhail Staff Harbor East
5/31/2016 Jessica McQuay staff JHBMC
1/27/2017 Curran McSwigan undergrad Homewood
8/19/2014 Patrick Meade staff Homewood
10/2/2017 Kristin Mears staff Johns Hopkins Bayview
9/1/2016 Durriya Meer staff Homewood
5/10/2017 Maryalice Meister staff East Baltimore
10/26/2016 Alisa Meizlish Staff STScI
10/9/2017 David Mellinger staff Homewood
12/18/2013 Ardi Mendoza staff Homewood
9/21/2015 Elizabeth Mengel staff Homewood
7/31/2015 Anita Mentzer staff Wyman Park JHCP
2/4/2017 Matt Merola undergrad Homewood
1/27/2017 Barbara Merryman undergrad Homewood
6/27/2014 Jessica Mervis staff Homewood
8/20/2016 Brice Messenger undergrad Homewood
10/28/2014 Alan Mezick staff MTW
11/19/2015 Julie Micek staff DC
1/15/2016 Heather Michaelson staff homwood/keswick
8/8/2016 Corey Michalos staff Homewood
5/13/2016 Laura Miedrianowski Staff Bayview
10/28/2015 Gabnene Milano grad student homewood
7/22/2016 Andrew Miller faculty Homewood
6/14/2016 Glenn Miller staff STScI
8/18/2016 Jamie Miller graduate student Homewood
5/9/2016 Jeremiah Miller grad Homewood
12/18/2013 Shannon Miller staff Homewood
11/16/2016 Stephani Miller grad JHUSON
5/9/2016 Kelly Milo staff Homewood
6/6/2016 C. Rosa Minier grad SON
7/22/2016 Benjamin Mitchell grad Homewood
3/5/2014 Emily Mitchell undergrad Homewood
9/16/2016 Katherine Mitchell staff East Baltimore/Hospital
3/7/2017 Kathryn Mitchell staff Homewood
8/18/2016 Judith Mitrani-Reiser faculty homewood
5/31/2016 Misen Mizener staff Bond Street
3/25/2014 Aisha Mohammed undergrad Homewood
3/23/2016 Meera Mohan graduate student School of Nursing
12/5/2013 Carol Mohr staff Homewood
6/14/2016 Ivelina Momcheva staff STScI
3/12/2014 Michael Mond staff Homewood
11/14/2014 Nicole Moniz grad Homewood
7/7/2017 Kathleen Monti Staff Homewood/Mount Washinton
6/13/2017 Josh Monts Graduate Student Homewood, Medical Campus (SOM, SPH, SON)
11/3/2014 Amy Moon undergrad nursing
12/15/2016 Campbell Moon staff SAIS DC
2/1/2017 Tina Moore staff E Baltimore
7/31/2015 Kathy Moran staff Wyman Park
11/16/2016 Meghan Moran faculty East Baltimore
8/10/2017 Sarah Moran Grad Student Homewood
8/1/2016 Sara More faculty Homewood
4/3/2017 Lisa Moreland staff Homewood
3/23/2016 Melissa Moreno graduate student School of Nursing
4/14/2016 Christopher Moriarty faculty STSCI
1/7/2014 Alexandra Morrel staff Homewood
11/13/2013 Anthony Morris staff Homewood
7/18/2017 Alistair Morrison Staff Homewood
12/15/2016 Ryan Morrison staff SAIS DC
8/13/2014 Alison Morrow staff Homewood
10/31/2016 Leah Morse staff Homewood
12/15/2016 Kim Morton staff SAIS DC
6/13/2017 Janne Mosser Staff JHU@Eastern
5/27/2015 Linda Moulton staff Homewood
10/24/2016 Brad Mountcastle staff Homewood
9/25/2015 Kelly Mountcastle staff homewood
11/6/2014 Reisha Moxley staff Homewood
11/14/2014 Megan Mozley grad Homewood
6/6/2016 Rut Muiero grad SON
6/10/2016 Stephanie Muller staff Homewood
9/22/2015 Reid Mumford staff Homewood
11/19/2013 Morgan Munoz staff Homewood
10/15/2014 Hajime Murai faculty Peabody
10/15/2014 Maitreyi Muralidharan undergrad Peabody
5/15/2015 Cristina Murillo undergrad Homewood
6/10/2016 Leah Murphy staff Homewood
5/8/2015 Christine Murray staff Carey
7/27/2014 Max Mutchler staff STScI
5/13/2016 Benjamin Myers staff Bayview
11/13/2013 Kishwar Nadia staff Homewood
7/27/2014 Lauretta Nagel staff STScI
11/1/2017 Karine Nankam staff 0
11/16/2016 Paula Neira staff JHH
10/25/2013 Kerby Nelson staff Homewood
2/27/2017 Taylor Nelson graduate Homewood
8/20/2016 Isaac Nemzer undergrad Homewood
11/6/2017 Paula Nersesian faculty East Baltimore
3/23/2016 Natalie Nett graduate student School of Nursing
10/9/2017 Lynn Niederlitz staff DC
3/25/2014 Jose Nino undergrad Homewood
4/9/2015 Karen Nitkin staff E. Baltimore
4/3/2017 Emily Noord staff east baltimore
4/14/2016 Antmella Nota staff STSCI
11/19/2015 Julie Nussdorfer staff DC
6/10/2015 Jacob Oates undergrad SON
10/24/2016 Tim O'Branski staff Homewood
7/19/2017 Rose O'Connell Staff Homewood
7/22/2016 Charlotte Odonnell faculty Homewood
4/17/2017 Julia O'Donnell staff carey business school
2/16/2017 Jenna Oien graduate SON
3/23/2016 Chijioke Okeke graduate student School of Nursing
4/21/2014 Cristina Oliveira staff STScI
9/18/2015 Burak Olmez grad homewood
12/18/2013 Margot O'Meara staff Homewood
5/13/2016 Chrissie Oncaco staff Bayview
6/10/2016 Krystle Ongaco staff Homewood
12/18/2013 Adam Ortiz staff Homewood
8/3/2017 Natasha Ortiz Fortier Staff Homewood
3/14/2016 Natasha Ortizfortier staff Homewood
3/30/2017 Dennis O'Shea staff Keswick
6/14/2016 Rachel Osten staff STScI
9/18/2015 Ellen Ostendorf staff homewood
3/23/2016 Michelle Osterman undergrad School of Nursing
3/30/2015 Caroline Ouwerkek staff Homewood
3/14/2016 Sarah Paal staff Homewood
2/1/2017 Camilla Pacifici Post-Doc Homewood
11/19/2013 Andrew Padilla staff Homewood
3/5/2014 Tyrone Page undergrad Peabody
3/9/2016 Elisabeth Pallia Staff East baltimore
10/15/2014 Patricia Palmer faculty Peabody
11/6/2017 Laura Panozzo staff medical campus
7/26/2016 Alison Papadakis faculty Homewood
1/7/2014 Cornelia Pappas staff Homewood
4/21/2014 James Paranilam staff STScI
5/15/2015 Ellie Park undergrad Homewood
11/16/2016 Sarah Parker grad East Baltimore
6/13/2017 Allyson Parsons Staff Homewood
5/15/2015 Emily Pastrana undergrad Homewood
5/10/2017 Fiona Pat undergrad Homewood
5/15/2015 Yamini Patibandla undergrad Homewood
8/3/2017 April Patty Staff Homewood
6/23/2015 Alondra Paulino undergrad Homewood
5/15/2015 Corey Payne undergrad Homewood
1/7/2014 Mary Pearre staff Homewood
7/27/2014 Molly Peeples staff STScI
11/15/2016 Miles Peiser staff Homewood
4/21/2014 Patricia Pelham staff STScI
7/26/2016 Elizabeth Pence staff Homewood
7/8/2016 Holly Penna staff Homewood
1/15/2016 Ashley Pennington staff all
2/1/2017 Victoria Perouty staff Homewood
4/14/2016 Marshall Perrin faculty STSCI
10/9/2015 Ryan Perry staff Homewood
3/30/2017 Lois Perschetz staff Keswick
4/21/2014 Karla Peterson staff STScI
9/25/2015 Michael Peth grad studetn Homewood
12/9/2013 Jennifer Peyton grad JHMI
2/24/2015 Darcy Phelan-Emrick faculty East Baltimore, but teach at Homewood
7/13/2016 Samantha Phifer staff Carey - Baltimore
9/6/2017 Carlita Phillip Staff STScI
12/18/2013 David Phillips staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Kerri Phillips faculty Homewood
1/13/2016 Essence Pierce staff eastern
9/21/2015 LaDonna Pierce staff Homewood
3/30/2017 Catherine Pierre staff Keswick
10/25/2013 Anastasia Pierron undergrad Homewood
10/13/2016 Vanessa Pinkney staff east baltimore
6/13/2017 Isaree Pitaktong Undergraduate Student Homewood
2/21/2016 Danielle Pitkoff undergrad homewood
6/7/2016 D'Acry Placilla staff Homewood
10/25/2013 Anne Pliska staff Homewood
10/9/2017 Evan Plunkett grad student Homewood
8/19/2016 Christopher Pope undergrad Homewood
2/1/2017 Juliana Popovitz graduate Homewood
3/5/2014 Sue Porterfield staff Homewood
6/7/2016 Maggie Potts staff Homewood
3/30/2017 Taylor Powell staff Keswick
11/15/2016 Aubrey Poysa staff Homewood
7/18/2016 Sarah Preheim faculty Homewood
1/10/2017 Daniel Pretz staff Peabody
4/9/2015 Stephanie Price staff E. Baltimore
8/9/2016 Whitney Price staff Homewood
7/22/2016 Erin Pryce staff Homewood
2/27/2017 Stephen Przybylski graduate SOE
1/13/2016 Alissa Putman staff east baltimore
7/18/2016 Shane Putnam grad Homewood
10/28/2015 Jasmine Quander graduate student Homewood
8/19/2016 Brenda Quesada undergrad Homewood
2/1/2017 Jennifer Quijano Sax staff Homewood
8/13/2014 Debra Race staff Homewood
6/3/2016 Lisa Rademakers staff Bond Street
4/6/2016 Jacqueline Radigan staff STSCI
12/2/2013 Aishwarya Rajagopalan grad East Baltimore
10/13/2015 Sandhya Ramachandran undergrad Homewood
8/13/2014 Sath Ramesh staff Homewood
8/10/2017 Vina Ranaivoarijaona Staff Homewood
3/23/2016 Allison Rauh graduate student School of Nursing
9/16/2016 John Rawlins III grad/staff Homewood
6/7/2016 Sabrina Raymond staff Homewood
6/10/2015 Lauren Ready undergrad SON
5/9/2016 Jessica Reaves staff Mt. Washington
10/2/2017 Sandra Reckert-Reusing staff Johns Hopkins Bayview
5/9/2014 Dawna Reeves staff Homewood
3/30/2017 Tracey Reeves staff Keswick
9/22/2015 Daviel Reich faculty Homewood
6/27/2014 Brady Reichart staff Homewood
12/15/2016 Christiana Reichsaler staff SAIS DC
6/10/2015 Maren Reinholdt faculty SON
7/22/2016 Julie Reiser faculty Homewood
5/5/2014 Susan Renda faculty Medical
6/10/2015 Ellen Renfroe undergrad SON
6/23/2015 Ann Rentschler staff Homewood
5/13/2014 David Reynolds staff Homewood
1/13/2016 Ian Reynolds staff eastern
2/1/2017 Lauren Reynolds graduate Homewood
6/6/2016 Courtney Rheins grad SON
9/6/2017 Timothy Rhue II Staff STScI
6/27/2014 Eric Rice faculty Homewood
8/18/2016 Selena Rice staff homewood
11/19/2013 Adam Richard staff Homewood
6/13/2017 jean-philippe richard Faculty Member Medical Campus (SOM, SPH, SON)
2/4/2017 Vanessa Richards undergrad Homewood
10/9/2015 Alicia Richardson staff Mt Washington
10/26/2016 Corey Richardson staff Homewood
7/27/2014 Catherine Riggs staff STScI
11/19/2015 Satrice Rigsby staff DC
4/6/2016 Alyssa Riley staff STSCI
8/24/2017 Gabriel Rioux Grad Student Peabody
8/16/2016 Hunter Risher undergrad Homewood
7/8/2016 Joe Rizzardi staff Homewood
3/7/2017 Lisa Rizzo staff Homewood
12/21/2016 Mark Rizzo staff Homewood
9/21/2015 Marian Robbins staff Homewood
11/16/2016 Laken Roberts grad/staff Nursing
12/15/2016 Gabrielle Roberts-Hendy staff SAIS DC
10/7/2014 Alex Robinson staff Bond Street
7/22/2016 Alysen Robinson staff Bayview
9/12/2017 Courtland Robinson faculty Bloomberg
7/13/2016 Richard Robinson staff Carey - Baltimore
1/15/2016 Kelley Robison staff keswick/homewood
7/27/2014 Frank Rock staff STScI
11/16/2014 Elise Rodrigues undergrad Homewood
1/27/2017 Selena Rodriguez undergrad Homewood
3/13/2015 Susana Rodriguez staff Homewood
5/11/2016 Dana Rohr staff STSCI
7/18/2016 Adena Rojas staff Homewood
3/9/2016 Aubrey Roland undergrad homewood
9/18/2015 Cynthia Roman staff homewood
6/23/2015 Sandra Romero undergrad Homewood
5/13/2016 Jane Romm staff Bayview
11/3/2014 Jennifer Ronald undergrad EB-SON
5/15/2015 Jonah Rosas undergrad Homewood
7/18/2017 Julie Rose Staff Homewood
5/11/2016 Perry Rose staff STSCI
10/28/2015 Emily Rosen graduate student homewood
9/21/2015 Tamsyn Rose-Steel staff Homewood
6/12/2017 Madelyn Ross staff DC
3/28/2017 Kelli Rowedder STAFF DC
4/21/2014 Christine Rueter staff STScI
2/23/2017 Tunga Rukundo staff East Baltimore
11/6/2017 Cynda Rushton faculty east
5/11/2016 Melissa Russ staff STSCI
8/7/2017 Deidre Russo Staff Jhpiego
3/23/2016 Steven Rutkowski graduate student School of Nursing
9/16/2016 Aaron Rutledge staff Homewood
11/16/2016 Jezelle Ryan grad East Baltimore
12/18/2013 Chelsea Ryder staff Homewood
11/14/2015 Elena Sabbi faculty STSCI
7/31/2015 Jenny Saccenti staff White Marsh
11/14/2014 Emily Sacher grad Homewood
11/1/2017 Jean Sack staff JHpiego - east baltimore
6/10/2015 Laura Saha undergrad SON
10/26/2016 David Sahnow staff stsci
11/16/2014 Alexandra Saichin undergrad Homewood
1/13/2016 Karen Salinas staff eastern
12/18/2013 Patrick Salmon staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Moe Samad staff Homewood
12/13/2016 Helena Sampson staff Homewood
5/13/2016 Alice Sanchez staff Bayview
7/22/2016 Rachael Sangree faculty Homewood
10/9/2015 Joseph Santamaria staff Mt Washington
3/20/2014 Deana Santoni staff Homewood
8/10/2017 Todd B. Sauer Grad Student/Staff Homewood
7/22/2016 Michael Sauria staff Homewood
7/22/2016 Sylvester B Savoy grad/staff Homewood
10/5/2016 Olivia Sazaklis staff Homewood
1/15/2015 Melanie Schaffner staff Homewood
9/16/2016 Barbara Schatz staff Bayview
2/21/2016 Julia Scherzer undergrad homewood
1/13/2016 Jonathan Schetting staff east baltimore
11/15/2016 Joel Schildbach faculty Homewood
2/24/2017 Garrett Schlichte staff SAIS
8/10/2017 Benjamin Schneider Grad Student East Harbor
8/19/2016 Joanna Schneider undergrad Homewood
6/10/2016 Mary Victoria Schneider staff Homewood
10/25/2013 Kathy Schnurr staff Homewood
10/5/2016 Janet Schreck staff Homewood
1/13/2016 Katherine Schroeder staff eastern
2/24/2015 Trina Schroer faculty Homewood
10/24/2013 Barbara Schubert staff Homewood
1/28/2016 Sean Schumacher staff bond street whard
6/23/2015 Robin Schwartz staff Bayview
6/13/2017 Moné Scott Staff Homewood
1/15/2015 Sonia Scott staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Mark Scotto DiVetta undergrad Homewood
2/8/2016 Michael Scrivener staff homewood
10/9/2017 Kate Searle staff Homewood
8/18/2016 Jenny Seat staff Homewood
8/1/2016 Joanne Selinski faculty Homewood
2/4/2017 Tara Selleck undergrad Homewood
1/8/2014 Shir Semmel grad Peabody
10/13/2015 Ken Senbach staff STScI
3/30/2017 Gus Sentementes staff Keswick
11/18/2014 Anne Seymour faculty East Baltimore
8/19/2016 Sanobar Shaikh undergrad Homewood
10/15/2014 Clifton Shambry staff Homewood
8/18/2016 Alanna Shanahan staff Homewood
5/8/2015 Kasi Shapkarova staff DC
12/5/2013 Regine Laforest Sharif staff Homewood
8/1/2017 Caroline Sharkey Staff Carey Business School
4/14/2016 Michele Sharko staff STSCI
8/7/2017 Stephanie Shaw Staff Jhpiego
7/22/2016 Pam Sheff faculty Homewood
3/23/2016 Rebecca Sheinfeld graduate student School of Nursing
1/15/2015 Gigi Sheltraw staff Homewood
5/11/2016 Rickell Sheppard staff STSCI
8/10/2017 Ruth Sherman Staff Peabody--Student Affairs
11/5/2017 Hasmin Sherwin grad student east
11/16/2016 Jennifer Sherwood grad School of Public Health
8/18/2016 Michael Shields faculty Homewood
11/3/2014 Ariane Shrenker undergrad SON
8/18/2016 Sauleh Siddiqui faculty Homewood
10/9/2017 Jessica Sides staff Homewood
2/27/2017 Kelly Siegel-Stechler graduate Homewood
3/7/2017 Elizabeth Silberman staff East Baltimore
11/16/2016 Caroline Silver grad Medical
11/15/2016 Carlos Silvera undergrad Homewood
1/15/2016 Bruce Silverman staff homewood
8/13/2014 Ada Simari staff Homewood
11/14/2014 Ashley Simmons grad Homewood
4/4/2014 Eric Simmons staff East Baltimore
10/28/2015 Robert Simmons grad student Homewood
9/25/2015 Raymond Simons grad student homewood
8/19/2014 Shannon Simpson staff Homewood
12/9/2013 Kathleen Sindt staff Homewood
10/31/2016 Tara Singleton staff Homewood
8/9/2016 Sara Slaff staff Homewood
3/9/2016 Erin Slater staff JHU Medicine
9/21/2015 Deborah Slingluff staff Homewood
6/14/2016 Carolyn Slivinski staff STScI
1/7/2016 Jaquain Sloan undergrad Peabody
1/15/2015 Erik Smist staff Homewood
1/10/2017 Brandon Smith graduate Peabody
4/14/2016 Denise Smith staff STSCI
5/31/2016 Kathy Smith staff East Baltimore
7/8/2016 Kay Smith staff Homewood
1/13/2016 La Toya Smith staff east baltimore
5/7/2015 Linell Smith staff E. Baltimore
10/2/2017 Melanie Smith staff JH Bayview
10/9/2017 Neale Smith staff E. Baltimore Bloomberg Children's Center/Hospital
6/13/2017 Tracy Smith Staff Homewood
10/15/2014 David Smooke faculty Peabody
3/30/2017 Philip Sneiderman staff Keswick
6/6/2016 Sibyl Snow staff SON
9/6/2017 Elaine Snyder Staff STScI
10/26/2016 Gregory Snyder staff STScI
5/13/2014 Ellen Snydman staff Homewood
11/19/2015 Jessica Sobrino grad student DC
2/16/2017 Kodiak Soled graduate East Campus
1/8/2014 Kyley Sommer staff Peabody
9/16/2016 Jamie Sorenson faculty Homewood
10/20/2016 Remi Soummer staff STScI
12/21/2016 Ashlyn Sowell staff Bayview
9/6/2017 Francesca Spano Grad Student/Staff STScI
1/13/2016 Amanda Spatz staff DC
9/21/2015 Lisa Spear staff Homewood
1/8/2014 Laura Spencer undergrad Peabody
11/6/2014 Mark Spindler staff MTW
12/2/2013 Amanda Spoherer undergrad Homewood
9/6/2017 Leslie Stabile Staff STScI
8/19/2016 Paige Stanley undergrad Homewood
5/10/2017 Sabine Stanley faculty Homewood
8/24/2017 Hannah Staudinger Undergrad Peabody
11/14/2014 Juliana Steers grad Homewood
10/5/2016 Ashley Stewart grad East Baltimore/Med Campus
6/12/2017 Gary Stewart staff DC
7/18/2017 Katie Stewart Staff Homewood--Soon Mt. Washington
4/3/2017 Brandon Stiffler staff east baltimore
11/15/2016 Brenda Stifler staff Homewood
9/1/2016 Jeanna Stokes staff Homewood
7/18/2016 Alan Stone faculty Homewood
11/5/2014 Bob Stoner staff Homewood
6/7/2016 Danielle Stout staff Homewood
10/15/2014 Colleen Strauch staff Peabody
12/5/2013 Renee Streib staff Homewood
8/24/2017 Noah Strevell Undergrad Peabody
11/16/2014 Amy Sun undergrad Homewood
10/7/2014 Yasmine Sursock-Khouri staff Bond Street
8/18/2016 Hannah Susorney grad student Homewood
10/15/2014 Donald Sutherland faculty Peabody
10/13/2015 Amy Svrjcek staff homewood
7/27/2014 Michael Swam staff STScI
12/15/2016 Lauren Szymanski staff SAIS DC
7/7/2017 Winston Tabb Faculty Homewood
8/24/2017 Mari Takeda Undergrad Peabody
6/6/2016 Ibby Tanner faculty SON
11/1/2017 Hannah Tappis staff Baltimore
7/19/2017 RoseMarie Tate Staff Homewood
4/6/2016 Denise Taylor staff STSCI
12/5/2013 Whitney Taylor staff Homewood
9/25/2015 Kirill Tchernyshyou grad studetn homewood
9/16/2016 Tim Tennant staff
1/7/2016 Brad Testerman undergrad peabody
4/21/2014 Deepashri Thatte staff STScI
10/24/2013 Brittany Thomas undergrad Homewood
10/9/2017 Genevieve Thomas undergrad Homewood
8/19/2016 Michael Thompkins staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Darius Thompson undergrad Homewood
6/10/2016 Elena Thompson staff Homewood
9/12/2017 Will Thompson staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Susanna Thon faculty Homewood
11/18/2014 Kim Thornton staff East Baltimore
4/9/2015 Laura Thornton staff Bond Street
5/13/2016 Bradd Tibbils staff Bayview
2/21/2016 Sabina Tilentz undergrad homewood
11/3/2014 Claire Tindula undergrad SON
12/18/2013 Jesse Tomczak staff Homewood
10/9/2017 Jacob Took undergrad Homewood
5/13/2016 Kayla Topper staff Bayview
10/15/2014 Sharlene Torbit staff Peabody
12/13/2016 Ford Torney staff Homewood
8/18/2016 Jennifer Torres staff Homewood
3/12/2014 Matthew Torres staff Homewood
11/16/2016 Lisa Tran grad JHUSON
3/23/2016 Phung Tran graduate student School of Nursing
11/14/2015 Zachary Travis undergrad peabody
11/3/2014 Shirley Trieu undergrad SON
4/17/2017 Thomas Trinh grad bloomberg
8/19/2016 Sansriti Tripathi undergrad Homewood
12/9/2013 Patrick Trujillo staff Homewood
2/16/2017 AJ Tsang undergrad Homewood
4/3/2017 Gerald Tucker staff East Baltimore
10/31/2016 Janine Tucker staff Homewood
2/21/2016 Sophie Tulkoff undergrad Homewood
7/26/2016 Caitlin Tumey staff Homewood
7/26/2016 Len Turner staff Keswick
11/15/2016 Claire Twose staff East Baltimore
2/27/2017 Diksha Tyagi graduate Homewood
4/21/2014 Kelli Underwood staff STScI
3/13/2015 Gina Vachino staff JHMI
7/26/2016 Balazs Vagyolgyi faculty Homewood
6/10/2015 Caressa Valdueza grad SON
4/6/2016 Ana-Maria Valenzuela staff STSCI
1/10/2017 Madison Van der Wetering undergrad Peabody
6/13/2017 Natira Van Zant Staff Homewood
11/6/2014 Christopher Vanghaus staff Homewood
6/12/2017 Setu vanLarc-Hodges staff DC
12/15/2016 Prama Veima staff SAIS DC
8/3/2017 Taylor Veracka Undergrad/Staff Homewood
1/27/2017 Michelle Vergniad undergrad Homewood
2/24/2015 David Verrier staff Homewood
10/9/2015 Rosa Villastrigo staff Mt. Washington
8/19/2016 Dillan Villauisanis undergrad Homewood
1/13/2016 Mary Vincitore staff East Baltimore
3/7/2017 Kyra Vocci staff Homewood
8/19/2016 Amy Vonder Haar undergrad Homewood
5/15/2015 Jessa Wais undergrad Homewood
11/19/2015 Lindsey Waldrop staff DC
7/19/2017 Brittany Walker Staff Homewood
10/15/2014 Mary Beth Walker staff Peabody
8/7/2017 Howard Wallack Staff Jhpiego
8/10/2015 Christopher Walsh staff homewood
11/5/2014 Maria G. Waltemeyer staff Homewood
5/31/2016 Niki Walters staff Bond Street
6/23/2015 Aaron Wang grad Harbor East
11/14/2014 Jiayue Wang grad Homewood
8/19/2016 Kimberly Wang undergrad Homewood
11/16/2016 Li-ping Wang staff East Baltimore
8/19/2016 tony wang undergrad Homewood
11/15/2016 Weichen Wang grad Homewood
10/13/2016 Michael Ward staff East Baltimore
11/7/2017 Sharon Warner staff nursing
8/20/2016 Leila Warraich grad Homewood
12/15/2016 Jamie Warren staff SAIS DC
10/7/2014 Aaron Watkins staff Medical
11/18/2014 Barbara Watkins staff MTW
2/8/2016 Laura Watkins staff STScI
7/27/2014 Mitchell Watkins staff STScI
2/24/2015 Sean Watkins staff Mt. Washington
9/12/2017 Aliza Watters faculty Homewood
9/25/2015 Duncan Watts grad student homewodo
7/7/2017 Eileen Wayner Staff Evergreen Museum & Library
10/28/2015 Mary Weaver grad Homewood
4/9/2015 Jill Weaverling staff JH Hospital
10/28/2014 Dow Weeks staff MTW
10/31/2016 Leo Weil staff Homewood
10/9/2015 Etan Weintraub staff Mt Washington
6/10/2016 Leah Weiss staff Homewood
4/3/2017 Jane Wells staff Homewood
6/10/2015 Margaret West undergrad SON
12/2/2013 Chris Westcott grad Homewood
3/23/2016 Tim Whelden graduate student School of Nursing
6/10/2016 Sam Whiskey staff Homewood
12/2/2013 David Whitfield grad Homewood
12/21/2016 Zoe Whiting staff Homewood
5/10/2017 Caitlin Wieners staff peabody
11/18/2014 Lavinia Wiggs staff MTW
11/16/2014 Max Wilde undergrad Homewood
2/16/2017 Allison Wiles staff East / JHSPH
8/24/2017 Molly Wilkens-Reed Grad Student/Staff/Faculty Peabody
8/18/2016 Caroline Wilkins faculty Homewood
11/3/2014 Wilson Will undergrad East Baltimore
8/10/2017 Amanda Williams Staff Ed Building
10/31/2016 Gay Williams staff Homewood
9/22/2015 Melissa Williams staff bloomberg
10/9/2017 Miya Williams staff Homewood
10/28/2014 Nidra Williams staff MTW
7/27/2014 Kelly Williamson staff STScI
11/15/2016 Nicoleen Willson staff Homewood
11/3/2014 Cathy Wilson staff East Baltimore
2/23/2017 Lan Wilson staff SOM
9/16/2016 Orla Wilson faculty Homewood
6/13/2017 Rose Wilson Staff Homewood
1/15/2015 Elizabeth Windsor staff Homewood
8/24/2017 Amelia Wingard Undergrad Peabody
12/18/2013 Calvin Wise staff Homewood
8/3/2017 Andrea Wiseman Staff Homewood
9/6/2017 Emily Wislowski Staff STScI
12/13/2016 Julian Wittmann staff Homewood
3/13/2015 Brett Wobbe staff Homewood
9/22/2015 Schuyler Wolff grad Homewood
11/16/2014 Heidi Woll undergrad Homewood
11/3/2014 Sonja Wood undergrad SON
2/23/2017 Francene Woodard staff East Baltimore
8/19/2016 Thaddeus Woodard undergrad Homewood
11/18/2014 Sue Woodson staff Medical
2/1/2017 Sara Woodward staff Homewood
6/6/2016 Erin Wright faculty SON
10/13/2016 Kristin Wright staff East Baltimore
12/18/2013 Kylie Wright staff Homewood
4/14/2016 Kristen Wymer staff STSCI
8/19/2016 Ashley Xie undergrad Homewood
2/16/2017 Joshua Yang graduate East Campus
10/26/2016 Chris Yeager staff STScI
1/28/2016 Stephanie Yokoyama undergrad homewood
11/15/2016 Lynn Yoon undergrad Homewood
2/4/2017 Xintong Yuan undergrad Homewood
9/18/2015 Erin Yun staff homewood
10/13/2016 Stephanie Zamora graduate student East Baltimore
5/10/2017 Allesandro Zannirato faculty Homewood
8/24/2017 Lorenzo Zapata Undergrad Peabody
9/6/2017 David Zarate Staff STScI
10/20/2016 Gail Zasowski postdoc STScI
1/27/2017 Isabella Zellerbach undergrad Homewood
8/16/2017 Jesse Zhan Undergrad Homewood
11/14/2015 Patrick Zhang staff Bayview
3/30/2015 Zezhou Zhao undergrad Homewood
8/19/2016 Scott Zheng undergrad Homewood
9/16/2016 Tulio Zille grad Homewood
8/20/2016 Corina Zisman undergrad Homewood
2/23/2017 Mark Zmitrarich staff JHH
11/3/2014 Meredith Zoltik undergrad Medical
12/18/2013 Olivia Zug staff Homewood
8/1/2016 Carissa Zukowski undergrad Homewood