braceletsAs a part of our educational mission, GSR provides resources to anyone looking to learn more about gender, sexual, and romantic identities

Safe Zone Workshops

Additional Workshops

  • We have a number of workshops available by request. We are prepared to discuss sexual orientation, gender identity, privilege, identity, social justice, and more. Please fill out the Center for Diversity & Inclusion Presentation Request form to tell us about your training, workshop, and presentation needs.

Online Resources

  • LGBTQ Glossary: A starting place to learn some common terms used in the LGBTQA community.
  • Supporting Chosen Names and Pronouns: A guide to get started learning about chosen names, pronouns, and how to use them.
  • Trans Introduction: A starting place to learn about the transgender community.
  • The Masculinity Project: A collection of podcasts, videos, and articles that discuss masculinity as it is understood across different communities. This is a great place to challenge their current understanding of what masculinity is and think critically about what kind of community we want to live in.
  • Links: A variety of resources from all over the web.