Welcome to Gender & Sexuality Resources (GSR)! Connect with us via email, phone (410) 516-2452, Instagram, and our LGBTQ at JHU Discord. Or, join our mailing list.

GSR supports our women, femme, queer, and trans communities at Johns Hopkins. You’re invited to explore our site or email us to ask any questions.


GSR is the department within the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Johns Hopkins working to create a more equitable and supportive Hopkins community for folks with marginalized sexual, gender, and romantic identities. Specifically, our work centers women, femme, trans, and queer communities at the intersections of our identities.

What We Do

We work towards our mission through co-curricular education, access and retention initiatives, and community-building that center the needs and experiences of women, femme, trans, and queer communities at Hopkins at the intersections of our identities.

This involves resisting and dismantling systems of cissexism, heteronormativity, patriarchy, queerphobia, and transphobia that perpetuate inequities for us all.


We recognize that sexual, gender, and romantic identities do not exist in isolation. Rather, our experiences of these identities are informed by the other social identities we hold. As Audre Lorde wrote, “there is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”

Thus, we acknowledge that doing work centering gender and sexuality is also necessarily work that aims to resist the oppressive impacts of ableism, antisemitism, capitalism, classism, colonization, colorism, ethnocentrism, fatphobia, islamophobia, racism, white supremacy, xenophobia, and other intersecting systems of oppression.

We also draw on insights from third-wave, intersectional feminists that affirm that when we center those in our communities who are most marginalized, we are all uplifted and able to thrive.

We work towards building solidarity across communities with differing identities and lived experiences so that we can continue to grow in our understanding of the ways our struggles and experiences are both unique and overlapping.