Contribute to the Q-Jay Zine

text: the Q-Jay with a rainbow-colored blue jay perched in the Q

An expression of queer identities at Hopkins. The Q-Jay will provide a broadly accessible means for members of the Hopkins queer community to connect and support one another through art and writing.

Editor-in-chief – Jacob Took

Managing editor – Monika Borkovic

Design editor – Bex Dansereau


Guidelines for content

  • Contemporary queer news – updates about local, national, or global news that impacts LGBTQ communities
  • Queer histories – local, national, or global pieces of history that can educate readers about the queer community
  • Voices and opinions – responses to global events or think pieces regarding queer identities that will engage readers
  • Interactions with queer art – reviews or responses to books, films, albums, etc. that are relevant to queer communities (produced by a queer artist, regarding queer themes, etc.)
  • Expressions of queer art – including but not limited to poetry, short stories, and visual art that somehow expresses queer identity

Please limit written submissions to no more than about 1500 words.

If a contributor would like to remain anonymous, they should select a code name for use in publication.

The board of editors will make selections for publication based on the piece’s alignment with our goals of expressing queer identities, supporting queer individuals and fostering a queer community at Hopkins.



The deadline for submissions is Monday, November 6, as we will publish our first issue the following week. Pieces can be emailed to or brought to the Office of LGBTQ Life. Feel free to send us an email or contact one of the editors if you have any questions!

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