‘Behind the Bones’ Documentary

Portrait of Jessica Noviello, maker of "Behind the Bones" documentary




Alongside all of her academic work, JHU student Jessica Noviello created a feature length documentary called Behind the Bones: The Status of Modern Paleontology Research in the United States. Watch the full movie here. Jessica tells more about the project:

“It was filmed using a Sony Handycam HDR CX290 and my iPhone 4 (for the times I had forgotten to bring the camcorder). It was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend, who thought that paleontology was antiquated and held no scientific promise anymore. This opinion reflects sentiments I’ve seen again and again on the internet. So, I decided to show the American public that American paleontology is a part of our history and will be a part of our future. It features top paleontologists from around the country who study different aspects of paleontology, and asks them questions about what their experiences have been in paleontology, and how they first became interested in dinosaurs. Filmed on location.”

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