BlinkIT: Virtual Reality Blink Detector

A student wears large virtual reality headgear.

Quadriplegic Communicator Using Blink Detection Interfaced with Virtual Reality

Damini Agarwal (MS Biomedical Engineering, 2017)

BlinkIT is a quadriplegic communicator that uses blink detection interfaced with virtual reality to create a more affordable, immersive and comfortable communication environment for non-vocal, non-gesture based communication. Custom designed modular blink detection hardware detects right and left blinks, different combinations of which are encoded into characters and commands that manipulate the virtual reality environment. In addition the system incorporates a gaze based graphical menu selection system that detects the position of the user’s eye’s on the screen and helps in selection of commonly used phrases to alert the care giver. Through a tired menu structure, the user can navigate between different screens. Thus BlinkIT is an easy to use quadriplegic communication system that in addition to being affordable provides comfort to the user by aligning well to the line of vision.