A student in a coat, scarf, and hat writes on an illuminated glass with glow in the dark ink.

Amelia Voos and her team (Max Jarcho, Dan Matsumoto, Danielle Naassana, Bridget Chen, K.J. Burnett, TJ Jois, Irving Nestor, and Chris Wend) combined their efforts with technical support and artistic guidance from the DMC to create this interactive artwork, “Enlighten” which debuted at JHU’s 2016 Lighting of the Quads.

Enlighten is an interactive space for creative expression which uses LED technology that invites the participant to draw and write with light. The project is made up of 3 large clear acrylic panels supported by grid walls and light using special LED lights. The panels were placed in the form of a triangle allowing multiple people to draw on multiple surfaces at once. Special erasable paint markers in neon colors were used to simulate the experience of drawing with colored light. Each panel included a prompt to encourage participation while fostering community, support, and reflection.

An interactive display with three 8-foot tall acrylic panels with students writing on the panels with neon markers. An extreme close up of "Passion about what I do" written on an acrylic panel in neon marker.

A student writes on an acrylic panel covered in neon writing.



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