Isaach Majid: JHU Student and Filmmaker

Trial of Contrition by Isaach_Majid film banner featuring four photos of main actors


In addition to being a full time student at JHU, Isaach Majid has also shot, promoted and screened a feature length film! Isaach worked at the DMC editing, making DVD cover art and burning disks. The title of his film is “The Quranicles: Trial of Contrition”.

it wasn’t until his junior year at JHU that Isaach had the opportunity to direct a feature length movie. What initially started out as an idea for a short film quickly became an ambitious and intricately plotted movie set on campus and throughout Baltimore. The title “Quranicles” serves as both a play on words and as a succinct consolidation of all the film projects Isaach has worked on while at Hopkins. From the opening scenes to the post-credits finale, Trial of Contrition delivers a high level of entertainment built around a talented ensemble student cast and a core story of friendship and sacrifice.


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