JHU Homewood Student Affairs Values Videos

Three students walking through Homewood neighborhood

The DMC teamed up with the Office of the Dean of Student Life to communicate and promote the values that students learn through co-curricular activities at JHU. Discovery, Exploration, Curiosity, Exercise, Healthy Eating, Gaining Perspective, Community Engagement, Reciprocal Learning, Helping Others, and Having Fun are core values that all of the Homewood Student Affairs departments infuse into programs and events offered throughout the year.

Explore Baltimore

Max Bowens, Paxon Wallace
Production /Editing: Victor Fink, Josh Land
Music: Alvin Onyewuenyi

Eat Healthy Have Fun

David Lichtenberg, Lainey Yu, Morgan Glaze
Production /Editing: Josh Land, Evelyn Feeney
Music: Alvin Onyewuenyi

Community Engagement

Audrey Cockrum, Sally Freedman
Production/Editing:Yasmine Holloway, Samantha Lott

Music: Alvin Onyewuenyi
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