Nan Shan Nan (South of the South Mountain)

Nan Shan Nan


Lily Zhu and a small group of JHU students used the DMC audio studio to record and produce  an adapted version of a famous Chinese folk song South of the South Mountain. Zhu rewrote the lyrics in Chinese such that it described student life in Hopkins and incorporated many Johns Hopkins elements(buildings, campuses, etc.). The lead vocalist was a male JHU sophomore from China, with Zhu as the backing vocalist. The project was sponsored by the Chinese student group BlueNetChina, and the song has been used to increase Hopkins’ influence among perspective students in China and (potentially) encourage them to apply. It also served as way to connect JHU Chinese students and alumni and has been streamed more than 22,000 times on Chinese social media.




Nan Shan Nan Recording Session


Name: 南山南

(English pronunciation: Nan Shan Nan; English Translation: South of the South mountain)

Lyrics: “Lily” Yuxuan Zhu(JHU 2016)

Music: Di Ma(Chinese Folk Song composer&Singer)

Lead vocal: “Rangee” Runzhe Wang(JHU 2018)

Backing Vocal: Lily Zhu

Guitar: “Garvey” Jiawei Zhou (JHU alumnus)

Backing vocal arrangement: Rangee Wang

Audio post production: “Tom” Huaitao Zhang(JHU 2016),Garvey” Jiawei Zhou