New Paradigms of Art in the Digital Age: Artist Panel

Poster for New Paradigms of Art in the Digital Age event


The Digital Media Center and Spiral Cinema Present:

New Paradigms in Digital Media:
A Panel discussion on Social Media, Re-Appropriation and Identity Branding in the Digital Age

Saturday, April 13th, 7-9PM

Location: Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus, Mattin Arts Center SDS Room located at the terminus of 33rd St and the corner of Charles St.

In light of social networking systems and new media platforms, a greater world population is able to contribute to our cultural climate. Television (predecessor to the computer, the iPad, the web etc.) allowed for little to no consumer/viewer feedback, other than input on whether or not a show was being watched. New media allows us to create original content for viewing and distribution, and allows us to interact with works produced in new ways. This DIY ethos previously reserved for things like public access television, pirate radio, and other forms of counterculture has been made mainstream for better or for worse

Subsequently, viewers are also able to capitalize on the re-appropriation of media, via platforms such as YouTube, Tumblr, Vimeo and Twitter. Identification with/use of source material becomes just as important in establishing an audience as creating one’s own content. The more seamless the integration of cultural staples into one’s own aesthetic the better.

Join us on Saturday April 13th at Johns Hopkins University in a discussion surrounding the connections between social media, re-appropriation and identity branding or “identity capital” in 21st Century Art, and the crossover linking the personal and the public. Panelists include Martine Syms, a self-proclaimed conceptual entrepreneur with a degree in Film, Video and New Media from SAIC and founder of Golden Age project space, Artie Vierkant, an artist whose work is rooted in the use of the internet as a medium itself rather than a platform for dissemination, and Nathan Jurgenson, a Sociology graduate from University of Maryland who specializes on self-documentation and social media.

Moderators are JHU Faculty and Video Artist Jimmy Joe Roche as well as Neil Sanzgiri and Max Guy of the Spiral Cinema project.

This event is a collaboration between Spiral Cinema and the Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center.