Physical Rehabilitation Game

Diagram of standing figure moving arm from relaxed to upright position


Faced with the realization that stroke victims have very few resources at their disposal to aid in at-home recovery, students designed and developed a highly interactive software to make recovery affordable as well as highly effective. Smart phones are prevalent in both the developed and developing world, and they are equipped with various smart sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscope, making them low-cost, accessible, and easy-to-use tools for user movement tracking during physical rehabilitation. The team used Android development APIs to gain access to the sensor outputs in an Android-based smart phone. They also used Microsoft Kinect sensors and built a motion-controlled video game prototype using the Unity game engine.

Project Team

  • Xiaoxu Kang, PhD student, Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Alan Chancellor, Computer Science, class of 2014
  • Sean King, Computer Engineering, class of 2014
  • Tony Zheng, Biomedical Engineering, class of 2015
  • Mike Morace, Software Engineer, Technical Consultant
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