Unframed: Art of the Arab Spring

Cover of "Unframed - Art of the Arab Spring" speculative art exhibition catalogue

Art History major Bianca Biberaj designed the exhibition catalog for Unframed: Art of the Arab Spring.

“In my Museums and Society class, Exhibiting the Global, our final project was to conceptualize and design our own exhibition on a topic of our choice. I wanted to choose a topic that had current political relevance and that also exhibited contemporary art outside of the Western European sphere. I decided to also design a small exhibition catalog that would in theory be handed out at the museum because I was interested in the design of other exhibition catalogs and wanted to try to make one myself. I am also interested in potentially pursuing a career in museums and designing unframed was an incredible to way to start thinking about how I might design my own exhibitions in the future. This project strengthened by knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop and I’m excited to use both programs in my future creative projects!”




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