Unframed: Art of the Arab Spring

Cover of "Unframed - Art of the Arab Spring" speculative art exhibition catalogue

Art History major Bianca Biberaj designed the exhibition catalog for Unframed: Art of the Arab Spring.

“In my Museums and Society class, Exhibiting the Global, our final project was to conceptualize and design our own exhibition on a topic of our choice. I wanted to choose a topic that had current political relevance and that also exhibited contemporary art outside of the Western European sphere. I decided to also design a small exhibition catalog that would in theory be handed out at the museum because I was interested in the design of other exhibition catalogs and wanted to try to make one myself. I am also interested in potentially pursuing a career in museums and designing unframed was an incredible to way to start thinking about how I might design my own exhibitions in the future. This project strengthened by knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop and I’m excited to use both programs in my future creative projects!”

The catalog has been opened to reveal a full size page of a man outside speaking into a microphone with the title "unframed".

The catalog has been opened to a page with an image of a man bearing a tattoo across his arm and two paragraph texts on the other page.

The catalog has been opened to a page with two separate images of military personnel in uniform with weapons and three paragraphs of text on the other page.

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