Unity: Immersive Storytelling Class

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This 1-credit ‘Bootcamp-style’ class is geared for students with no prior programming knowledge. You will learn how to use Unity game engine interface elements, understand core logic, interaction physics, and workflows for turning video and photographs into digital assets for your 3D environment. Gain access to Virtual Reality development tools in the DMC’s lab and try out a Yi Halo 360 camera! Guest instructor Alfredo Salazar-Caro is a New York-based teacher, designer, and creator of Virtual Reality games, films, and artwork using Unity game engine and Photogrammetry techniques.

AS.061.139.11. The class will meet in the DMC (Mattin/Offit 226) Monday January 7, 2019 – Friday January 11, 2019 from 9am-1pm with afternoon open- lab time to work on projects in a supportive atmosphere. Registration (JHU students-only) begins December 4, 2018. Class size is limited.

For more information please email digitalmedia at JHU.edu