The Politics of Play: Women in Gaming

Stephanie Orme delivering her Women in Gaming talk


The Politics of Play:
Media Representations of Women in Gaming

A talk by Stephanie Orme, Feminist Game Studies Scholar

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Mattin Arts Center, Offit Wing, Room 160

The Politics of Play was a talk by feminist game studies scholar Stephanie Orme on the gender politics of the video game industry and how it affects the larger media discourse on phenomena such as Gamergate. Stephanie Orme is a researcher from The Pennsylvania State University interested in the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, and other dimensions of identity as they relate to the production, consumption, and understanding of video games and gaming culture. She has previously taught at Suffolk University and Emerson College and is currently working on her PhD in feminist media studies.

Orme’s animated and interactive talk attracted over 50 participants and resulted in a group conversation that continued after the meeting and well into the night. In addition, many participants stayed afterwards to play games by women developers during the spring DMC Game Night.

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