Chapter Conduct & Disciplinary Status

Current chapter conduct and disciplinary status as of February 7, 2023. View the Student Conduct Code.

Pending Investigations

Investigation Conclusions & Current Sanctions

Alpha Phi Omega


  • Student Conduct Code #16. Hosting – The hosting or conducting of an event in violation of University, divisional or unit policies or procedures.
  • Student Conduct Code #10. Alcohol- Sale/Distribution to Underage

Active Sanction(s):

  • Formal Warning
  • Educational Activity
  • Referrals


Inactive/Closed Chapters

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

University Charge Date: December 20, 2021

Undergraduate Student Code of Conduct Violation(s)

2. Physical/Emotional Abuse – The physical or emotional abuse of any person or any action that threatens physical or emotional harm or endangers the physical or emotional well-being, health, or safety of any person.

10. Alcohol – The possession, consumption, or manufacture of alcohol by individuals under the legal drinking age under applicable law or the provision, distribution, or sale of alcohol to individuals under the legal drinking age under applicable law, or conduct that violates the Drug, Alcohol, and Firearms Policies for Students (

16. Hosting – The hosting or conducting of an event in violation of University, divisional, or unit policies or procedures.

18. Failure to Comply – The failure to comply with the terms of any University directives, interim measures, or disciplinary sanctions/corrective actions.

27. Violations of any University Policy/Procedure – Violations of any University, divisional or unit policy or procedure, including without limitation those concerned with:

d) Homewood Undergraduate Off-Campus Party Registration and Safety Policy –

d) Fraternities and Sororities ( / Hazing Acknowledgement Form

Sanctions Include

  1. University Suspension: Effective immediately through May 31, 2025
    1. Effective immediately, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity is separated from the University for a specified period of one year until May 31, 2025. This includes, without limitation, a restriction on the fraternity from conducting any activity or event on or off University property, including without limitation any activity or event that promotes the goals, purposes, identity, programs, membership, or activities of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. At the completion of the suspension period, and if in the University’s determination the fraternity has met the terms of all sanctions/corrective actions and there is no further violation of the Student Conduct Code, the group/organization will be allowed to resume activity as a student group/organization.
  2. Other
    1. If the national organization chooses to re-establish its JHU chapter in the fall of 2025, the Office of Leadership Engagement & Experiential Development with the Office of Student Conduct will oversee requirements in order to facilitate a smooth return to campus. Requirements for re-establishment of the chapter will include workshops/trainings to address risk management with alcohol at events, leadership and healthy tradition building, and being a good neighbor. These workshops/trainings will be intentionally designed with the support of Sigma Phi Epsilon’s national office.

Suspended or Underground Organization(s)

View the Suspended or Underground Organizations page for more information on those organizations.