Suspended or Underground Organizations

The Johns Hopkins University Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Office of the Dean of Student Life recognize and value the benefits of undergraduate fraternal organizations. Close friendships, mentoring relationships, leadership opportunities, community service and philanthropy programs, alumni engagement, and an emphasis on-campus involvement are hallmarks of the fraternity and sorority experience at Johns Hopkins. Our partnership with national and international headquarters helps to convey the importance of, and hold members accountable to, the founding principles of these organizations.

Johns Hopkins University has suspended several organizations that may be attempting to operate “underground” they include but are not limited to: Alpha Delta Phi (WAWA), Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE). Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) also may be referred to as “Gamma” or “SAFD”.

Johns Hopkins University does not recognize, nor condone, any “underground” fraternities or sororities as they do not adhere to any policies or procedures of the University and/or inter/national office. As a result, they are not covered under the general liability insurance policy of the University and/or an inter/national fraternity or sorority office. Any liability that is incurred as a result of activities of suspended or underground groups is the sole responsibility of the individuals who affiliate in these groups or their parents.

Use this checklist to determine if the group you are joining is a registered student organization at Johns Hopkins:

  • The group is listed as a registered student organization on Hopkins Groups.
  • The group is affiliated with a national or international organization with a headquarters you can call and a website you can visit.
  • The Johns Hopkins chapter will appear in the listing of active chapters on the national or international organization’s website.
  • The group is listed as a recognized fraternity or sorority within the Office Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  • There is a local alumni advisor you can call or email, and that is known to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  • Fall recruitment events are open to all students, widely advertised, happen on campus, and are known to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and chapter advisors.
  • The new member program, or pledging, does not start until the second semester of the first year.
  • The group has a current liability insurance policy issued through the national or international organization and can provide you with a copy of the certificate of liability insurance.
  • The group has chapters at other schools.
  • Dues payment checks are made out to the organization and deposited to an organizational account, not to an individual.
  • Philanthropy and/or community service projects do not include alcohol or occur at venues that serve alcohol.

Suspended Organizations

ChapterDate SuspendedEligible Return Date
Pi Kappa Alpha (Closed)May 2014N/A
Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Closed)May 2015N/A
Lambda Phi Epsilon (Closed)June 2016N/A
Alpha Delta Phi (Closed)May 2018N/A
Sigma Phi Epsilon January 20222025