All recognized student organizations are expected to follow student organization guidelines as well as university policies and procedures. To assist with the various responsibilities of managing your student organization, the university provides resources to support you through this transformational experience.

Managing Your Organization

You can access your organization through the Hopkins Groups homepage or the “Organizations” tab.

On your organization’s page, there are several menu options on the left:

  • Settings: Edit contact info, description, and photo for your group
  • Members: This is a big one — it allows you to manage your roster and officer positions, you can add and approve pending members, create officer titles and assign members to them
  • Emails: create and track email responses sent from your organization’s account
  • Events: Submit Event Request forms and promote events that will show up on the Hopkins Groups calendar. Remember, RSOs are required to submit event requests for all events AND meetings at least 10 days prior to the event date.
  • Surveys and Forms: Create a form for your membership to fill out, design poll questions, or even run elections online
  • Website: All RSOs can create and customize a website through the new Hopkins Groups system!
  • Money: Organizations that receive funding from SGA, Athletics, and Recreation, or Center for Social Concern can manage their university-sponsored funds in this section. Groups who have fundraised and managed funds through University accounts can also manage their group’s funds here.
  • Files: Upload a constitution or any other document that you want your members to have access to

Managing your Profile

On the Hopkins Groups home page, you will see all items related to your involvement.

  • My Profile: Complete your contact information, upload a picture, print out a transcript of your involvement
  • My Settings: This allows you to change your privacy settings, notification settings, and password
  • My Items: This is where you can find any tasks, forms, or surveys that have been assigned to you

Add Members

It is important that you keep an updated roster for all of your members and officers. We will use this list to send out information to your officers in regard to their position. The primary contact or a designated officer should regularly check the group page and approve any pending memberships.

View Your Budget Number

Your organization’s treasurer and the president should always know the group’s budget number. We suggest that once you receive your budget number you enter it into your cell phone (put it under the name “Budget Number”). Budget numbers are listed in the Dashboard > Settings > Payments section of Hopkins Groups. Log in to see them on your group’s dashboard settings.

Category Coordinators

Organizations have access to various university staff at the university who can be valuable resources to student organizations as they are running their organizations. One resource that every student organization has is a Category Coordinator. These individuals are staff in Student Affairs who provide overall support for organizations in the category they advise. These individuals are knowledgeable and participate in all things related to your student organization yet some examples are listed below:

Recognition Advising

Recognition advising consists of student organizations having a home base in which the core mission and purpose of the organization will be supported. Once organizations are recognized, the recognition entity is responsible for ensuring the organization is active, following policies and procedures it has outlined for the organization, and providing financial support and/or guidance. Recognition entities also may support organizations with various organizational functions, understanding university structures and supporting the work of the Category Coordinators. More information about recognition is on our Join or Start a Student Organization page.

LEED Consultants

Student Leadership Consultants are available to chat. They are available Monday – Friday in the LEED office, at 3003 N. Charles Street, the LaB.


Held in the Leadership Engagement, & Experiential Development Lounge.

Workshop days and times are on the Leadership Engagement & Experiential Development Hopkins Groups Events page.