JHU Emojis Now Available!

Animated images of a blue jay, Gilman Hall, and the Earth with buildings.

“Blue Jay Emojis” is a project idea for a unique set of custom-made emojis and animated stickers tailored for the Johns Hopkins community, designed by the Johns Hopkins community. The emoji package will consist of a plethora of Hopkins-specific symbols and locations, including the Beach, blue jay facial expressions, and emojis dedicated to student organizations and facilities like the DMC. This project was created by member Jeanne Lee and made possible by the DMC’s Digital DaVinci Award.

Any Apple user with a mobile or tablet device will be able to download the emoji package for free from the Apple Store. Upon installation, the emojis can be sent through text message, iMessage, and other compatible messaging applications. Blue Jay Emojis is a fun way to engage newcomers to the Hopkins community while also creating new bonds between existing members through a creative form of communication.

To download the emojis on your iphone or ipad go here!


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