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On this page, faculty and staff will find helpful information on grading deadlines and other links.

Grading Information

We hope that your semester has been rewarding and that each student has met your expectations. To make sure we are properly recognizing our students’ achievements on their transcripts, you will find information below to assist you with grade submission listed. By submitting grades on time, students are provided with accurate calculations for satisfactory academic progress, timely distribution of financial aid, consideration for honors and/or scholarships, and degree conferral.

University Policy requires that all grades be submitted 48 hours after the final examination is given. Courses that do not have a meeting during their assigned final examination time must still submit grades 48 hours after that time has passed. This policy is especially necessary to clear applicable students for graduation. The “Graduating” column on your roster will identify these students. See the table below for term specific deadlines.

Changes to final grades, including incomplete and previously unreported grades, must be submitted via the official Grade Change Form directly to the Office of the Registrar via JHU email, postal/interoffice mail, or hand delivered during business hours by JHU faculty or staff, with ID. Grade changes required in the case of error in grading, calculation, or transcription must be submitted by the end of the following semester. Grade changes for graduating students must be submitted by the close of their undergraduate or graduate record.

Partial Grading

You have the ability to partially grade your roster by submitting the selected grades (Post to Registrars) and then returning later to grade the remaining students. This will be especially helpful for grading “Graduating” students. Please make any changes to the submitted and posted grades on an Official Grade Change form available to you on SIS or at the Homewood Registrar’s Office.

For those working with graduate students, please also follow the link “In-Progress Grades for Graduate Students.”

We appreciate your continued efforts as we work together to promote the educational goals of our students. Should you need additional information or assistance, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 410-516-8080.

Summer 2022 Grading Dates & Deadlines

Online Grading BeginsJuly 1, 2022
Graduating Students Due
August 14, 2022The “Graduating” column on your roster will identify these students.
Online grading open throughAugust 14, 2022At 11:59 p.m. all saved grades will be posted to records, even if they are not posted to registrars.

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