Classroom Scheduling & Reservations

To facilitate the changeover to 25Live, we will be instituting a brief scheduling pause at the Homewood campus for all locations scheduled by Scheduling and Event Services and the Office of the Registrar – Homewood.

This pause will be in effect until Monday, June 3 at 8:30 a.m.

General Pool Classrooms

The General Pool Classrooms (GPC) are an inventory of resources on the Homewood campus administered by the Office of the Registrar – Homewood (OTR-HW). The classrooms primarily support the academic mission of the university – but also support student groups and events on campus. Scheduling priority is given to credit-bearing courses and academic components associated with a course (such as exam times and review sessions), before department and student events. A list of the general pool classrooms and each room’s features can be found on a separate page on the Registrar’s website.

General pool classrooms are scheduled 8 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week.

Students wishing to reserve a GPC on campus for a meeting or an event should submit their event through the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement – Hopkins Groups as required, and can work the Office of Scheduling & Event Services (S&ES) at the appropriate point as needed.

Hopkins Groups (login may be required)

Please note:

  • Request must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event
  • Request must be approved by Hopkins Groups & S&ES to be scheduled
  • Individual student request will not be approved
  • Food and Beverages are not permitted in GPCs
  • Items and equipment may not be stored overnight in rooms
  • The OTR-HW Scheduling Team does not arrange nor provide for any additional services related to events. All additional services should be requested through the providers (Custodial Services, A/V, etc.) directly.
  • Scheduled events requiring AV technical support, custodial and/or security services may incur charges.
  • Reservation requests are reviewed in chronological order as follows:
    • First, by the date of the event and
    • Second, by the date the request was received

Please note that space on campus is in high demand and one’s preferred room is not always available. If one’s preferred room is not available an alternate room will be reserved if available. While OTR-HW will attempt to provide classroom space for each request, classrooms are not always available on the requested date and time; having alternate backup dates and/or times is strongly recommended.

In addition to general usage, there may be instances when demand is higher than usual. Large campus events can limit how much space is available for other events to take place and/or the general resources available for all events taking place on campus – please consider having alternate dates and times your event can be held should it coincide with such an event.

Student groups that reserve space in the GPCs should remember that the expectation is that the rooms will be returned to their “class ready” state, meaning that:

  • Furniture is set back in its proper place.
  • All trash is removed and the space is left clean.
  • No additional furniture should be added to a room – and no furniture should be removed from the room.

Any group that reserves a GPC is assuming responsibility for that space. Any damages may be charged to the group reserving the space. The OTR-HW reserves the right to prohibit groups from reserving space in General Pool Classrooms for violation of these expectations.