Teacher Course Evaluations

Each term, teacher course evaluations are conducted for the main purpose of supplementing the guidance of professors, academic advisors and student peers in the course selection process. They are also an instrumental tool for improving the quality of the instruction students receive. Traditionally, teacher course evaluations were conducted using paper forms; however, in fall 2011, the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering began conducting evaluations online using Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKit).

Numeric Results for Course Evaluations

The teacher course evaluations consist of a series of Likert-scale questions and 4 open-ended questions. The results of the Likert-scale questions are publicly available using the following link:

Current Course Evaluations (Fall 2022-Present)*

Faculty copies of the full results (Fall 2022 onward) for course sections can be obtained by logging into Canvas or directly through Course Evaluations & Surveys.

If using Canvas:

  • Login to Canvas
  • Select Account, then Profile
  • Select Course Evaluations
    • This will bring users to the landing page for Course Evaluations & Surveys where the most recent projects are listed.

Historical Course Evaluations (Fall 2011-Summer 2022)*

Current faculty needing to obtain copies of historical course evaluations should contact the Program Coordinator or Administrator for the department of the course(s) which they taught to request copies. Prior faculty may contact ASENCourseEvals@jhu.edu for copies of their course evaluations and must provide terms, course numbers and sections, and their name used at the time of teaching.


*The Office of the Registrar will not release copies of the full results for teacher course evaluations to TAs or other general individuals as the data contained within the detailed responses is confidential to the faculty member and the department of the courses.

General questions regarding teacher course evaluations for Undergraduate and Full-Time Graduate Homewood KSAS and WSE degree programs can be addressed to ASENCourseEvals@jhu.edu.