Visiting and Non-Degree Students

Below you will find information regarding various types of visiting and non-degree students.

For instructions on how to set up or access your JHED ID, your email account, or the Student Information System (SIS), please visit the Getting Started page. Please note that not all types of visiting students will be given a Johns Hopkins email account.

For registration instructions and deadlines, please visit the undergraduate registration or graduate registration pages.

General Visiting Students

Visiting students are students who are currently enrolled in high school, another university, or have already obtained a bachelor’s degree and are interested in taking one or more courses at Johns Hopkins on a temporary basis during the fall or spring semesters. The admissions process for visiting students at Johns Hopkins is selective and admissions standards are comparable to those for traditional, degree-seeking students.

For more information please visit the applicable link below:

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program

The Johns Hopkins Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program is designed to prepare you for your career as a future physician through world-renowned premedical coursework, outstanding medical opportunities, in-depth advising, and a supportive community. If you are inspired to enter medicine, switching focus from a previous major or changing careers, please visit their Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program website.

Baltimore Student Exchange Program

The Baltimore Student Exchange Program is a great opportunity for students to take courses not offered through JHU at other higher education institutions in the Baltimore region. Beginning sophomore year, students are allowed to take one course per semester (Fall and Spring only) at a participating institution for credit.

For complete policies and guidelines, please visit the BSEP website or come to the Office of the Registrar to speak with the BSEP coordinator.

Summer at Hopkins

Summer at Hopkins provides pre-college and undergraduate students with the opportunity to tackle challenging coursework and learn from JHU instructors while studying alongside peers from around the globe. In Pre-College Programs, students earn college credit and get a taste of college life through challenging courses and hands-on experiences. In Summer Term undergraduate courses, JHU and visiting undergraduate students—along with qualified pre-college students—can earn up to 14 credits, explore new topics, and engage in a rich academic community. Summer at Hopkins has offerings online and in-person on the Homewood campus.

For more information, please visit the Summer at Hopkins website.

Engineering Innovation Students

Engineering Innovation (EI) is an exciting, hands-on, college-level, summer program for motivated high school students with an aptitude in math and science and an interest in – or curiosity about – engineering. EI has been available to high school students since 2006. In the program, students learn to think and problem-solve like engineers and have the opportunity to earn Johns Hopkins University credit. EI is offered at multiple locations throughout the United States.

For more information, please visit the Engineering Innovation website.