Registration Remedies


Below is a chart with various alerts or holds and how to go about getting them removed. All alerts/holds prohibit registration actions in SIS self-service.

Alert NameHow to Clear
Advisor AlertContact your faculty advisor within your primary major.
ASEN Standard Financial AlertContact Student Accounts:
Levering Hall 102 or 410-516-8158 or
Missing Local Phone Number Add/update your Local phone number.
Missing Local AddressAdd a local address in Self Service.
Must be a Maryland (MD) address.

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Alert NameHow to Clear
Academic AlertContact your Academic Advising Office
AS: 410-516-8216
EN: 410-516-7395
Additional Advisor AlertContact your faculty advisor within your second or additional major
Missing Emergency Contact InformationAdd emergency contact information in Self Service
Missing Family InformationAdd family contact information in Self Service
Missing Permanent Phone NumberAdd a permanent phone number in Self Service
Missing Permanent AddressAdd a permanent address in Self Service
Pregraduation AlertContact the AS Academic Advising Office:
Wyman 170AA or at 410-516-8216
Registrar's AlertContact the Office of the Registrar:
Levering Hall 102 or 410-516-8080 or
Health Form AlertContact the Student Health and Wellness Center:
[email protected] or 410-516-8270

If you are unable to resolve your alert with the above information, please call the Office of the Registrar at 410-516-8080.

Waitlisting a Class

When add yourself to a waitlist for a section, you will see your position number under “Registration” and then “My Waitlist Classes”. When a seat becomes available in a course that has a waitlist, an email is sent out to students’ JHU email addresses for however many seats are open. Waitlists do not operate in real time. These emails are sent out each morning Monday-Friday, when applicable. Waitlists do not operate over the weekend.

If you receive this email you will have a certain amount of time (two business days if that course’s term has not started, one if it has started) to take action. This gives students time to resolve any conflicts while offices on campus are open. Once a student receives this email offering a seat, that puts them into “Waitlist_Hold” status or position “0” of the waitlist. Note: if you are in position “1” on a waitlist and see that there is a seat open in the course, that does not mean you have been offered the seat. Only once you have received an email can you accept a seat into the course.

If you wish to remove yourself from a waitlist before receiving an email – thus giving up your chance of getting a seat, click “Remove From Waitlist” next to the correct course.

Important notes:

  • You can only waitlist for 3 courses at any given time, regardless of each course’s term.
  • Plan carefully if you intend to waitlist for courses in more than one term.
  • You can only waitlist for one section of a single course.
  • If you are on a waitlist, remember to check your Hopkins email at least every other day in case you get offered a seat.
  • The waitlist does not run on University holidays.

Below find instructions on how to accept a seat once you have been offered one:

If you originally tried to “add the course”

You will see three choices: “Enroll Now!”, “Remove From Waitlist” and “Conditional Add/Drop”.

  • Clicking “Enroll Now!” will take you through the regular enrollment process.
  • Clicking “Remove From Waitlist” will remove your option to add the course.
  • Clicking “Conditional Add/Drop” will take you to select a class to drop and allow you to add the waitlisted course.

If you originally tried to “conditionally add the course” while dropping another

You will see two choices: “Continue Conditional Add/Drop” and “Remove From Waitlist”.

  • Clicking “Continue Conditional Add/Drop” will take you to select your first class choice to drop or to select another class to drop. Dropping a course will allow you to add the waitlisted course.
  • Clicking the link “Remove From Waitlist” will remove your option to add the course.

If you do not take any step to add or remove the waitlisted course within 2 days of notification (1 day once classes start), you will receive another email that the your available seat being held has “timed out” and it will be forfeited to the next waitlisted student. If you want to get back onto the waitlist, you can go to SIS, “Search for Classes” or “My Cart” under “Registration”. Waitlisting the course again will put you at the end of the current waitlist. If your position has timed out, the Office of the Registrar is unable to reinstate your original position.

Time Conflicts

Effective Spring 2024, students are no longer permitted to register for time conflicts at the time of registration (Registration Policies < Johns Hopkins University ( Students are required to obtain email approvals from course instructor(s) in order to be registered by SEAM for courses with a time conflict. If you have a unique situation, please contact your academic advisor. Advisors do not have the authority to override or appeal a faculty members decision to disallow a time conflict. We will no longer use the online form.