Electric Skateboard with Weight Difference Sensing

Detail view of Electric Skateboard motor and wheels

Electric skateboards are not uncommon, and hand based throttle systems make up the majority of eboards on the market. While some eboards have an acceleration switch on the board that is activated by stepping on it, the weight-difference-sensing eboard design featured here offers advantages over the typical foot-actuated design. By

Member Profile: Alvin Onyewuenyi, In the Studio

Alvin Onyewuenyi sitting at control station in DMC Audio Studio

  Alvin Onyewuenyi (Public Health ’14) is a frequent user of the DMC audio studio, and our resident expert when it comes to audio gear and music production. In this video, Alvin shares some thoughts about his time at the DMC and how he develops his beat-making and rapping alongside the

Member Profile: Yaz Holloway, Drawings, Comics, & Videos

Animation cell of female figure by Yasmine “Yaz” Holloway

Yasmine “Yaz” Holloway, Class of 2014, is a recent Film and Media Studies graduate and a very familiar face at the DMC. Skilled in a variety of media, Yasmine has completed projects involving video, studio drawing, cartooning, and graphic design. Her projects often leap between “analog” and “digital” — bringing

‘Behind the Bones’ Documentary

Portrait of Jessica Noviello, maker of "Behind the Bones" documentary

  Alongside all of her academic work, JHU student Jessica Noviello created a feature length documentary called Behind the Bones: The Status of Modern Paleontology Research in the United States. Watch the full movie here. Jessica tells more about the project: “It was filmed using a Sony Handycam HDR CX290 and

Jesse Stiles’ Automatic Cloudbuster Room

Automatic Cloudbuster Room poster

On Fri Apr 18, 2014, electronic artist and musician Jesse Stiles transformed Mattin Center’s Jones 101 room into a high-tech hall of mirrors with is interactive video and sound installation entitled Automatic Cloudbuster Room, presented by the JHU Digital Media Center. Stiles designed and conceived of Automatic Cloudbuster Room specifically

JHU Homewood Student Affairs Values Videos

Three students walking through Homewood neighborhood

The DMC teamed up with the Office of the Dean of Student Life to communicate and promote the values that students learn through co-curricular activities at JHU. Discovery, Exploration, Curiosity, Exercise, Healthy Eating, Gaining Perspective, Community Engagement, Reciprocal Learning, Helping Others, and Having Fun are core values that all of

Maker Workshops with Kelly Zona

Kelly Zona leads a musical sensors workshop in the DMC Makerspace

Fall of 2013, Kelly Zona from Baltimore Fab Lab joined for a series of hands-on do it your self electronic maker workshops! We made floatable led-lit origami, hip wearable electronics, light-up greeting cards, and musical color sensors! In December we made light-up snowflake pins at the Lighting of the Quads!  

Project Jetsons

Robotic egg fryer flips cooked egg in skillet

The goal of this project is to create an automated cooking machine capable of preparing user-specified recipes. The design is a counter-top machine to tackle the most basic (yet common) cooking tasks. The user selects the recipe, prepares the ingredients, fills individual dispensing compartments, and presses the start button. The

New Paradigms of Art in the Digital Age: Artist Panel

Poster for New Paradigms of Art in the Digital Age event

  The Digital Media Center and Spiral Cinema Present: New Paradigms in Digital Media: A Panel discussion on Social Media, Re-Appropriation and Identity Branding in the Digital Age Saturday, April 13th, 7-9PM Location: Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus, Mattin Arts Center SDS Room located at the terminus of 33rd St and

Isaach Majid: JHU Student and Filmmaker

Trial of Contrition by Isaach_Majid film banner featuring four photos of main actors

  In addition to being a full time student at JHU, Isaach Majid has also shot, promoted and screened a feature length film! Isaach worked at the DMC editing, making DVD cover art and burning disks. The title of his film is “The Quranicles: Trial of Contrition”. it wasn’t until