creative use of technology

Physical Rehabilitation Game

Diagram of standing figure moving arm from relaxed to upright position

  Faced with the realization that stroke victims have very few resources at their disposal to aid in at-home recovery, students designed and developed a highly interactive software to make recovery affordable as well as highly effective. Smart phones are prevalent in both the developed and developing world, and they

Project Jetsons

Robotic egg fryer flips cooked egg in skillet

The goal of this project is to create an automated cooking machine capable of preparing user-specified recipes. The design is a counter-top machine to tackle the most basic (yet common) cooking tasks. The user selects the recipe, prepares the ingredients, fills individual dispensing compartments, and presses the start button. The

Gingerbread Bromo Seltzer Tower

Detail view of the "Gingerbread Bromo Seltzer Tower" bird on base with candy canes created at the DMC

JHU students created a Baltimore-themed gingerbread house based on the iconic Bromo Seltzer Tower. The DMC’s 3-D printer was used to create the top of the tower, and the ice cream cone trees were lit from the inside with LEDs. An Arduino motorized fondant Raven skated on a mirrored pond

Interactive Soft Sculpture

Students making "Mergatrudes Children" multimedia fiber constructions with electronics

In April 2011, a group of students created soft sculptures with interactive circuits for display in the Soft Circuits gallery show at Transmodern 2011. The sculptures were hand sewn from cotton fabric, dyed and natural wool, hand spun yard, and filled with batting. Battery operated circuits were created with conductive


Detail view of MakerBot

  One weekend in February 2011 several students built a 3D printer from a MakerBot kit. We hope to be taking orders for custom 3D prints soon; look for 3D object design workshops next fall! If you have an idea for a project that would utilize our 3D printer, please contact



  Interstices was a dynamic light installation in the Gillman Tunnel. The installation, which responded to nearby motion and ambient temperature, was conceived and built by Hopkins students and staff. This interdisciplinary multimedia project brought together artists and programmers, hardware and software. The electronic components of the piece include 128 RGB LEDs,


This project was created as a means to visually enhance performances as well as to give a trumpeter some musical freedom with different kinds of sounds. Bito-Com uses a silent brass mute to input the audio from the trumpet into a computer. Then, a Max MSP patch manipulates the trumpet

Developing Apps for Online Social Networks

Students look at computer while learning to make facebook apps

JHU graduate students Carol Reiley and Dan Mirota created and taught an Intersession class in which groups of students developed applications for online social networks such as Facebook. The focus of the class was to utilize user feedback in an interactive, responsive development process in order to more efficiently and

Twitter Jay and the Recyclists


JHU students organized the first Hopkins team entry in the world-renowned Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race. Complying with stringent race requirements, student engineers and artists collaborated to create a human-powered sculpture to compete in an all-terrain race that traverses sand, mud and water. Twitter Jay, the team’s entry, represents the best