Member Profile: Charlotte Johnson & Allie Rubenstein

Senior Spring is a web series about two friends navigating their last semester of college. As they stumble through dating, the job hunt, and other growing pains, they rely on their friendship to make it through the chaos.

Member Profile: Eric Chen – JHU Photography Forum

Johns Hopkins Photography Forum is a community of students interested in exploring the art of photography. JHPF organizes photography tutorials for students, curates exhibitions on campus, and offers photography services for students and faculty. Members of the forum document life on campus and around Baltimore. In 2015-16 member Eric Chen

Member Profile: Benjamin Pierce and Kemi Oguntona

multimedia dance composition

Jamie and Kemi created a multimedia dance composition including live dance and video projections for the 2016 Temps d’Afrique annual dance showcase. Their intention was to create a digital dance team. To get this effect, they combined pre-recorded graphics and a live dancer whose careful choreography interacted with the graphics

Member Profile: Michael Sun – PuzzleWorks

For fun, DMC Member Michael Sun create are twisty puzzles, variants of the well-known Rubik’s Cube. Michael uses the Replicator 2x and our new 5th Gen Makerbot 3D printers as well as our vinyl cutter to try out his designs!

PedalShield Video Controller

Geoffrey Gao PedalSHIELD

JHU student and WJHU member Geoffrey Gao created an Arduino-powered controller to manipulate audio and video. Gao used an ElectroSmash pedalSHIELD to augment an Arduino microcontroller and send input from physical buttons to music programming app Pure Data. While the pedalSHIELD can be used to control music and audio signals, Gao

MoTrack Therapy

MoTrack hand screen display example

MoTrack Therapy is a software application that uses the Leap Motion tracking device to let users practice hand and wrist physical therapy at home.

Nan Shan Nan (South of the South Mountain)

Nan Shan Nan

  Lily Zhu and a small group of JHU students used the DMC audio studio to record and produce an adapted version of a famous Chinese folk song South of the South Mountain. Zhu rewrote the lyrics in Chinese such that it described student life in Hopkins and incorporated many Johns Hopkins elements(buildings,

BlinkIT: Virtual Reality Blink Detector

Oculus VR

Quadriplegic Communicator Using Blink Detection Interfaced with Virtual Reality Damini Agarwal (MS Biomedical Engineering, 2017) BlinkIT is a quadriplegic communicator that uses blink detection interfaced with virtual reality to create a more affordable, immersive and comfortable communication environment for non-vocal, non-gesture based communication. Custom designed modular blink detection hardware detects right and left

Research Remix Exhibition

Research Remix

Reception on Tuesday April 5, 5-7pm
@ JHU Gallery Q, MSE Library
The Research Remix Exhibition will display original artwork and research by participating JHU students, faculty, and artists from the Baltimore area. Researchers were invited to share excerpts from their research with participating artists, who then created work inspired by or interpreting their research.

Creating Careers

Creating Career DMC Alumni panel

Saturday, April 9, 2016, 3-4:30pm
@ JHU Mattin / Offit 160
Meet alumni who mastered media communications at the JHU Digital Media Center and are now leveraging these skills for workplace success. The panel discussion will feature Eric Chung (2009), David Golan (2007), Matt Sterling (2007), Ramon Taylor (2010), and Brigitte Warner (2009). The speakers will discuss how their DMC learning experiences have led to exciting careers with notable organizations including Nickelodeon, Voice of America, MakerBot, Muse, and Allovue.