Wilderness First Responder

General Course Information

Every January the Office of Experiential Education hosts a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification class through the Wilderness Medical Institute. This WFR class is an 80-hour, 10-day intensive course in wilderness medical response. This course is 2esential for anyone who spends significant time in remote places or who has a professional career in the outdoors. The Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course will provide you with the tools necessary to make critical medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations. Classroom lectures and demonstrations are combined with realistic scenarios where mock patients will challenge you to integrate your learning. Learning takes place both in the classroom and in outdoor settings regardless of weather conditions. Come prepared for wet, muddy, cold or hot environments and anything in between.


No previous first aid training is required; however, you must be 16 years old to participate in this course.

General Course Schedule

  • The course is offered on the Homewood Campus of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.
  • Check in is at 7:45 AM on the first day of the course.
  • Course days run from 8:00am – 5:00pm and there will be two evening sessions.
  • Night sessions will occur on Day 3 and 8.
  • Day 6 will be a day off.
  • Attendance is required for all scheduled classes. Scenarios, and practice sessions will take place both indoors and outdoors.
  • Please bring outdoor clothing appropriate for laying on the potentially wet, muddy or snowy, cold ground playing the role of both rescuer and patient.
  • Frequently stage blood (moulage) and make-up will be used to emphasize the reality of a scenario. Please bring clothing that can get mess


Participants are required to pass both written and practical examinations to obtain WFR and CPR certification. Successful course completion earns you a WMI Adult & Child CPR certification and a WMI Wilderness First Responder certification. Current EMTs will earn a Wilderness EMT certification.
All certifications are current for two years.

College Credit, Continuing Education Units, AmeriCorps Education Award

  • 3-4 credits are available from WMI-affiliated colleges and universities. Please see WMI College Credit for more information. This certification course carries no academic credit for Johns Hopkins University. The credits offered through University of Utah are not transferable to Johns Hopkins University. Please check with your college or university ahead of time to make sure they will accept these credits for transfer.
  • This course is pre-approved for 70 hours of EMT Continuing Education Hours (CEH) by the Commission on Accreditation of Pre-Hospital Continuing Education. For more information please see WMI Continuing Education.
  • If you would like to use your AmeriCorps Education Award please contact the WMI office. WMI Contact Us

Cancellation Policies

If a student cancels or withdraws from a course:

  • Greater than or equal to thirty-days prior to the course start date, sponsors (WMI and Experiential Education) will retain $200
  • Within thirty days of the course start date and once the course has begun, tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

What to Bring

  • You will need: a large day pack with multiple layers, water bottle, waterproof tops and bottoms, sturdy boots, head lamp or flashlight and a watch with a second hand.
  • Pets are not allowed at the course, unless they are a service animal. This includes leashing a pet outside. No exceptions. Any student bringing pets to class will be asked to leave class until the pet is safely situated in a kennel or other facility.
  • No smoking or alcohol is allowed on site.
  • Street Parking and Campus Parking is pay to park. The closest parking garage is San Martin Parking Garage.
  • Lodging is not included
Date Location Skill Cost Payment
January 16-25, 2017 Baltimore, MD All $715 Register