Opened in Spring 2002 and renovated in 2021, the Ralph S. O’Connor Center for Recreation & Well-Being is nearly an 80,000-square-foot facility located at the North Gate of the Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus. The O’Connor Center serves all Hopkins community members. Please see the Memberships & Services page for more details. Interested in learning how the facility got its name? Get to know Ralph S. O’Connor!

Facility Features

The O’Connor Recreation Center features a variety of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, including:

Bouldering Cave

  • Located deep in the O’Connor Center is the 20-foot artificial bouldering cave! It features a variety of climbing routes for all levels of climbing. Looking to try out Bouldering? Check out the Bouldering Cave.
  • Learn more about climbing!


  • Looking for a pick-me-up? Look no further than Good & Part Co. located at the front entrance of the O’Connor Center. Fuel up with one of their smoothies, smoothie bowls or juices! Check out the seating area to hang with friends, study, or take a break after class.
  • Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union (JHFCU) ATM is in the Café.

Climbing Wall

  • One of the biggest eye-catching spaces in the facility is our 2 story, 30 foot – artificial climbing wall! Enter the space from the Terrace level entrance. Originally designed by Leading Edge Climbing Walls, the climbing wall offers a variety of climbing routes for all experience levels. With 3 auto-belays, you can climb by yourself or take one of our Belay classes and climb with friends!
  • To learn more about Belay classes and the Climbing wall please check out the Climbing Wall page!

Cardio Floor

  • Located on the main level against the east side of the building in front of the glass wall is our main Cardio floor. Overlooking the Bufano Sculpture Garden get your cardio in with one of our many pieces of equipment. From minimal-impact cycling to intense sprints, there is a cardio machine for you!

Main Functional Training Area

  • On the Terrace level next to the main weight room utilize the turfed functional area to stretch, use the TRX bars, or do body weight exercise. With plenty of different pieces of equipment in and around the space there is something for everyone in that space.

Mini Functional Training Area

  • Found on the main level, overlooking the Climbing wall is our newly renovated (Spring 2023) Mini Functional Training Area. This space is intended for more stretching and low-weight use. Get away from the main hustle and bustle that can overtake the weight room & main functional training area. Find a quieter place to stretch in the mini functional training area.

Homewood Track

  • A single lane rubber padded walking/jogging track surrounding Homewood Field. The track offers JHU Faculty/staff and surrounding community embers a track for early walks or laps at lunch. Please note that the track is closed during all varsity athletics practices and competitions.

Indoor Track

  • Found on the main level, the three lane indoor track overlooks Robert Scott Courts. The lanes are designated by speed. The innermost lane is for walking, the middle lane is for jogging, and the outer lane is for running. The outermost lane is equivalent to 1/10 of a mile. Running 10 laps in the outer lane will get you a mile!

Lactation Room

  • As part of the 2021 renovation, the Ralph S. O’Connor center has dedicated a private room for lactation.

Locker Rooms

  • Need a place to store your belongings? Look at one of our rental lockers or use a day locker located on the 1st level close to the pool. Men’s, Women’s, and All-gender general locker rooms are located next to the pool and are available to all O’Connor Center Members. Men’s and Women’s faculty/staff locker rooms are available to non-student O’Connor Center members and are controlled with card access. For locker rental pricing and more information, visit the Memberships & Services page!

Meeting Rooms A and B

  • Just behind the Welcome Desk on the Main level is Meeting Rooms A & B. Meeting Room A is a large room meant to hold internal Recreation, Well-Being, and Athletics meetings and events. Meeting Room B is a small space for smaller scale meetings. Both rooms are available to be reserved by Johns Hopkins affiliates. Please submit a Facility reservation form to potentially book the space.

Multi-Purpose Rooms A & B

  • On the 3rd level are two of the O’Connor Center’s largest fitness spaces. Multi-Purpose Rooms A & B house many group fitness classes, dance group practices, and a multitude of events throughout the semester. Both rooms are available to reserve for meetings by Johns Hopkins affiliates. Please submit a Facility reservation form to potentially book the space.

Multi-Purpose Room C

  • Looking to get into the gym but nervous to try out the main workout areas? This is the place for you! Located on the 3rd level is a smaller weight room/gym space. This area is more intimate and much quieter than the main weight room or cardio floor. The space overlooks the Bufano Sculpture Garden giving it a peaceful vibe.

Outdoor Picnic Area

  • Located outside of the O’Connor Center next to the practice field is a shaded area with lots of picnic benches to sit on. Use this space for studying or catching up with friends during the day.


  • The pool is located on the 1st level of the building. It is a six-lane, 25-yard lap pool that ranges in depth from 5.5 ft to 13 ft. Our soon-to-be-installed movable bulkhead will separate the lap lanes from the shallow water. This area is used for training and other program needs. The pool is home to the JHU Varsity Men’s & Women’s Swim Team and the Men’s Water Polo Team. Learn more about the pool on our Aquatics page!

Practice Field

  • Located outside to the south of the O’Connor Center is the Practice field. This is a fully lighted synthetic athletic turf field. It serves JHU athletics, intramural sports, club sports, and student organizations.

Program Room A

  • Program Room A, also known as the cycle studio, is on the Terrace level along the east wall of the O’Connor Center. This space’s main and only function is to be used for cycle classes. Looking to get into a cycle class? Check out the available options for fitness classes.

Program Room B & Terrace

  • Program Room B and its attached Terrace are on the Terrace level next to Program Room A. This is another fitness space used for fitness classes, specifically boxing, and by different martial arts sports clubs. This space is also used for events that use the room and its attached terrace. The Room is available to be reserved by Johns Hopkins affiliates. Please submit a Facility reservation form to potentially book the space.

Program Room C

  • Program Room C, also known as the F45 Studio, is a popular fitness area for those looking to participate in F45 classes. Classes are offered 7 days a week in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Fun Fact: Johns Hopkins University was the first to gain an F45 collegiate program! Check out some of the most popular fitness classes today!

Program Room D

  • Located on the 1st level next to the Equipment Room is Program Room D. This space is utilized by the Well-Being staff as offices and a space for the Well-Being staff to host events.

Racquetball/Squash Court(s)

  • Found on the Terrace level on the west side of the building are the racquetball and squash courts. The squash court is available to be reserved on the Rec portal.

Recreation and Well-Being Suite

  • Located on the 2nd level of the building are the offices of the Recreation & Well-being professional staff. If you want more information or need assistance with a specific professional staff member, their office can be in the suite. The Recreation staff information is also accessible online in our Staff Directory!

Robert H. Scott Gymnasium

  • The 3 full-length basketball courts are on the Terrace level and are the largest feature on this level. All three courts can hold basketball, however, there are many other activities that can be housed on them. On court 1, closest to Program rooms A & B you can hold badminton, pickleball, volleyball, and basketball. Court 2, the center court, can only hold basketball. Court 3, closest to Program Room C (F45 Studio) and the Racquetball/Squash courts, can hold volleyball and basketball. Come join one of the many pick-up games that take place.

Tennis Courts

  • Located along N Charles Street are 8 tennis courts open to all community members when the Men’s & Women’s Varsity Tennis Teams are not practicing or competing.

Weight Room A

  • Our main weight room is located on the Terrace level. With lots of free weights, racks, benches, selecterized machines, and cable machines there is plenty to do. When working out it is the O’Connor Center’s expectation that all who are using equipment do so in the proper and manufacturers’ intended way. Improper use of equipment will result in broken or damaged equipment and potential membership suspension. Safety is the utmost important part of using the facility. Engaging in risky behavior or activities will not be permitted.

Weight Room B

  • Weight Room B is located just off Weight Room A on the Terrace level. This area is designated for heavy weightlifting. With four (4) combo racks and three (3) platforms, it is expected that all entering the area take proper precautions around others in the space. When working out, it is the O’Connor Centers’ expectation that all using equipment do so in the proper and manufacturers’ intended way. Improper use of equipment will result in broken or damaged equipment and potential membership suspension. Safety is the utmost important part of using the facility. Engaging in risky behavior or activities will not be permitted.


Striving for Sustainability

The O’Connor Recreation Center strives to be environmentally sustainable.

  • With nearly 1,400 panels, the solar array on the Recreation and Athletic Center roofs is the largest of the seven Hopkins solar installations. The array produces 450,000 kWh of clean electricity yearly — enough to power an average home 41 times over!
  • The arrays also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Recreation and Athletic Center array eliminates the emissions of over 600,000 pounds of greenhouse gases per year.
  • The two water bottle refilling stations provide exceptionally clean, filtered water and eliminate the need to buy plastic disposable water bottles. Water Bottle Refilling stations are located in the Track Stretching Area and outside the Evans Multipurpose Room.
  • Recycling and compost bins are located throughout the facility.