Frequently Asked Questions

Recreation and Well-Being FAQs


When will the Recreation and Well-Being Center reopen?

Currently we are in Phase 1 and the building is closed and programming is virtual. Moving into future Phases will be based on the University’s plan for reopening. For most up to date information check out the Recreation and Well-Bering homepage

What is the next phase of reopening?

Phase 2 will be the next phase. Note, these are subject to change. Here is what will happen,

  • Adjusted facility hours M-F 8am to 10pm, Sat. 8am-10pm, and Sun. 10am-6pm
  • Limited capacity for programs and facility usage
  • Equipment will spaced to allow for social distancing
  • Reservation only through the web portal or app. You will have 45 min time slots for all rec areas including; strength equipment, cardio equipment, group exercise, pool lanes, tennis courts
  • Guests and family members will not be allowed into the Rec Center
  • The locker rooms, climbing wall (may partially reopen with self belay devices), and equipment room (small towels will be available) will be closed
  • New policy and waiver form every patron will have to read and sign digitally
  • University wide masking and social distance policy in full effect while in the rec center. Masks are required everywhere expect while swimming.
  • New signage, enhanced cleaning protocols between reservations and overnight.
  • Bathroom capacity reduced
  • Club Sports, Intramurals, and Experiential Education programming will be limited.

Who will not have access to the Rec Center upon reopening?

To minimize risk to the JHU community, the Rec Center will require members to show their Green Prodensity pass before accessing the facility. This pass displays compliance in health assessment and testing required by the university. We recognize that some of our membership categories do not have JHU credentials and for the spring semester, will not be eligible for renewal or the purchase of a membership at this time. The membership types are listed below.

  • Alumni
  • Carnegie Institute
  • Hopkins Club
  • Baltimore Museum of Art
  • Retiree
  • Space Telescope
  • Spouse/Partner
  • Guests
  • Family members

What is the web portal and app?

JHU Rec Center Member Portal

The new New JHU Rec Center Member Portal. Upon reopening, will allow members to be able to initiate and renew their JHU Rec membership, update member profile, view the Rec Calendar, reserve spots in fitness classes and workout time slots.

Follow Me to the Rec App

The Follow Me to the Rec app available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store now. Key features of the app include:

  • Facility Access: Reserve and Cancel Workout Time Slots
  • Live Facility Counts
  • Digital ID: barcode scanning for contactless entry if you forget your JHU ID
  • Sign-up for push notifications (facility and class cancelations, program announcements, etc.)
  • Group Fitness Class Registration

When reopened, what is the process to access the Rec Center?

  1. Fill out your registration and waiver paperwork in the JHU Rec Center Member Web Portal. Everyone will have to do this your first time to activate your membership.
  2. Reserve a time slot through the Follow Me to the Rec App or JHU Rec Center Member portal.
  3. Due to the ongoing Renovation project, the Athletic Center entrance will serve as the temporary entrance to the Recreation Center. The welcome desk is now located next to the track overlooking the Robert Scott Gymnasium
  4. Arrived to the Rec Center prepared to work out 5-10min before your workout reservation.
  5. At the welcome desk, tap your J-Card or Follow Me to the Rec App barcode for entry. Display your “green” status in your Prodensity app
  6. Go to your reserved area, wipe down equipment.
  7. At 45mins your reservation is over. Please wipe down the equipment you used and exit the building.

What are the new policies the Rec Center is implementing because of the pandemic?

  1. Everyone (students, faculty, staff) need to reactivate their memberships in the Recreation Web Portal prior to reserving time slots.
  2. Timed reservations and capacity limits.
  3. University face cover and social distances policies apply to all work outs expect while actively swimming.
  4. Equipment has been spread out and de-densified on Courts 1 and 2.
  5. Lockers rooms and daily use lockers will be closed. Showers will be available for people with a pool reservation.
  6. Water fountains will be closed but bottle filling stations will be available so please bring your own bottle.
  7. Equipment room will be closed but there will be small towels available to use during your reservation.
  8. Each member will be required to wipe down their used equipment pre and post workout. Recreation staff will follow up with more cleaning and sanitizing misting at the end of reservation time slots.

What spaces are open?

In Phase 2, cardio and strength equipment, group exercise, pool lanes , and tennis courts will be available for reservation. Due to the Rec Center Expansion project the cardio and strength equipment as well as group exercise will be on the Rec Courts.

Can I workout with both cardio and strength equipment during my reservation?

In Phase 2, no. You will make a reservation for either cardio or strength equipment and use that for the 45min. No swapping equipment during a reservation and no making multiple reservations for the same time slot.

Can I make multiple reservations per day?

In Phase 2, no. You will have to choose what you want to do for the day.

How many reservations can I make in a week?

You may reserve up to 4 workout slots per week so that there are fair opportunities for other members to use the facility. Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance.

Can I walk in to take a open reservation spot?

No, please make a reservation prior to walking into the Rec Center

Will I be penalized for not showing up for a reservation

Yes, please be certain you have the correct reservation, you may cancel a reservation up until your scheduled time. If you arrive late to your work slot, you will be expected to end your workout 45 minutes after the hour.

Can I walk in to take a open reservation spot?

No, please make a reservation prior to walking into the Rec Center.

Can I switch a reservation once I show up?

No, please make a reservation prior to walking into the Rec Center.

Will the Pool be open?

There will be nine lanes available (one swimmer per lane) by reservation only. Reservations can be made on the Follow Me to Rec App and on the member portal. Swimmers must shower before entering the pool by using the showers in the Men and Women’s general locker rooms. Face coverings are required on the pool deck but not when actively swimming.

What are the Rec Swim Hours?

The pool is scheduled to reopen March 8th. Please check our hours of operation page.

What spaces are closed?

In Phase 2, locker rooms, equipment room, aux gym, rec court 3, and the climbing wall will be closed.

Showers will be available for people with pool reservations. The equipment room will have small towels available but no bath towels.