Student Employment

The Recreation Center is one of the largest employers for students on campus! To inquire about employment please visit JHU SMILE. For more JHU employment information check out University Experiential Learning.

Current Job Openings

Job postings and application directions can be found on JHU SMILE

Student Job Descriptions

Membership Services Assistant

Act as the first contact for customer service and engagement within the Membership Services Office and Welcome Desk. Aids Membership Coordinator/Office Manager in day-to-day responsibilities of membership sales and renewals and other member-related services (i.e. towels, lockers, guest passes, Personal Training, Group Fitness Passes) to the university/alumni. Assist with articulating rules and regulations of the recreation center to patrons. Provides patrons with information and assistance with questions regarding the Fusion Go App, Member Portal, and other Rec Center-related inquiries. Familiar with Microsoft Suite including Word and Excel. Excellent communication, spirited customer service, attitude, and personable skills are necessary.

Facility Managers

Serve as the evening and weekend supervisor for all Athletics & Recreation Facilities, special events, and student-employees. Follow and enforce all facility and program policies and procedures. Have a duty to act when there is an emergency (may include administering CPR/AED or First Aid). Prevent injuries by correcting inappropriate or dangerous behavior. Communicate all facility issues, concerns, or problems to the professional staff. Maintain thorough knowledge of all areas of Recreational programming. Exhibit leadership qualities and set a good example for other student-employees. Document all injuries, accidents, or unusual incidents.

Facility Staff (Welcome Desk & Equipment Desk Attendants)

Serve as cheerful and informative first points of contact for all members and visitors. They are responsible for facilitating a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for participants and staff members at all times. Duties include assisting with the recreational sports equipment program encompassing equipment rental, inventory control, and sales. Individuals must be familiar with customer service, financial transactions, word processing, and spreadsheets. Other duties include light janitorial work and laundry services.

Marketing and Social Media Assistant

Serve as the JHU Rec marketing and social media person creating meaningful and timely content about the JHU Rec including but limited to; fitness program, personal training, outdoor pursuits, aquatics, club sports, intramurals, mental health, well-being, student employment/leadership and involvement, facility hours, updates, activities and its programs.


Work for all recreational swims and special events. Lifeguards open and set up the pool area at the beginning of each scheduled swim or event and are required to maintain a safe environment by enforcing all rules and regulations and being alert at all times. At the end of each shift, they must fill out a daily summary form and secure the pool area. Requirements: Current Red Cross Lifeguard/First Aid and CPR/AED for Lifeguards. Recertification may be available. Good skills, attitude, and customer service are required.

Fitness Staff (Weight Room Monitors & Bouncers)

Ensure the safety and organization of the Fitness Center and provide customer service to the users. Fitness staff enforce the policies, ensure safety, and provide customer service in the fitness room, weight room, stretching areas, and group studio.

Group Exercise Instructors

Provide safe & effective instruction in various genres of group exercise. Instructors must hold current certifications and demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skill, and ability in their area of expertise.

Personal Trainers

Provide individualized training programs for individuals and small groups. Personal Trainers also provide fitness testing, motivation & encouragement, and assistance with goal setting and achievement. Personal trainers must be certified by a major fitness organization (ACE, ACSM, NSCA) as well as in CPR and AED.

Climbing Wall Monitors

Ensure the safety of beginning or intermediate climbers. Monitors instruct climbers on proper climbing techniques such as belaying, climbing, tying into harnesses, and lead climbing. Monitors set routes (holds), belay certify members of the recreation center and keep track of the certified members on the climbing wall database. General duties include daily cleaning, set up, and break down of climbing equipment.

Outdoor Pursuits Instructors

Lead students and members of the Hopkins community on backpacking, climbing, sea kayaking, canoeing, sailing, or white water kayaking trips. They go through an extensive training program, which includes a 10-day wilderness leadership course, an 80-hour wilderness first responder course, and specific training for each activity.

Intramural Supervisors

Responsible for the evening/weekend running of intramural programs. Responsibilities include game management, league administration, and conflict resolution. Supervisors must have a strong work ethic, communication skills, knowledge of sports, game operation, and officiating knowledge/experience. Some aspects of the supervisor job are trainable.

Intramural Officials/Score Keepers

Responsible for game administration and keeping accurate and thorough scores of intramural games. No experience is required. We will train you if necessary.