Fitness Assessments

Comprehensive Fitness Assessments (Individual Testing)

Receive a comprehensive measurement of your overall health with an individual fitness assessment. Fitness assessments are conducted by a certified personal trainer and take approximately one hour to complete. Your assessment will include any or all of the following measurements and can be purchased independent of personal training:

  • body composition measurement (lean body mass vs. fat mass)
  • scale weight and BMI (body mass index)
  • blood pressure reading
  • circumference measurements
  • cardiovascular fitness test (submaximal)
  • upper body muscular strength and/or endurance tests
  • abdominal muscular strength and/or endurance tests
  • lower body muscular strength tests

At the end of the session, you and your trainer will discuss the results of your tests and future directions for maintenance and improvement. Assessments are $30/person.

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Once you have been contacted by a trainer, you may confirm a testing time by purchasing a single fitness assessment by calling membership services: 410-516-5229

Assessment will not be confirmed until the visit has been purchased, thank you!


Free Fitness Assessments (Mass Fitness Testing)

The Recreation Center Office encourages students to “Know your numbers!” Find your resting heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage, BMI, and circumference measurements.

Twice in the fall and twice in the spring, the personal training team conducts mass fitness testing free of charge. Mass fitness assessments will be limited due current to COVID prevalence.

Dates for the free fitness tests will be posted via Today’s Announcements, the Recreation Center Facebook page, and on flyers throughout the facility.