Current Students

Current First-Year Students

As a reminder, all first-year and sophomore students are required to live in university housing unless they are living at home with a parent or legal guardian. Students subject to the residency requirement who do not complete a housing application will be assigned to a residence hall space during the summer and billed for room and board.

Students who are eligible for a Commuter Exemption should apply via the Housing Portal during the spring of their first year in university housing. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to [email protected] or 410-516-7960.

Room Selection Process

The Room Selection Process, or RSP, is the process in which current, registered first-year students select housing for their second year in university housing. RSP begins shortly after the start of the spring semester and Housing Operations hosts a number of events (mostly in-person) to inform students of their housing options for the following academic year. Rising second-year students will have the option to secure housing in Bradford Apartments, Homewood Apartments, McCoy Hall, Rogers House, and Scott-Bates Commons.

Unlike on the incoming first-year application, students will now have the option to form a roommate group solo or with 1, 2, or 3 of their peers. Once the application closes, groups will receive their randomly assigned a time slot for RSP via their JHU emails. The designated “group leader” would plan to log onto the Housing Portal to select housing for their entire group during their group’s assigned time slot.

More information about the buildings including floor plans and virtual tours can be found on the Buildings and Rates page.

Current Second-Year & Upper-Class Students

Due to space limitations, we are unable to provide University housing for upper-class students. Please reach out to Off-Campus Housing to explore your housing options for the following academic year.