Posting/Flyer Policy

The Office of Residential Life only approves posters and flyers that are hung in the residence halls. For the posting policy for all other campus buildings and offices, please see the Office of the Student Leadership and Involvement. Violation of one or more of the below policies will result in the removal of any advertisement/flyer and the group responsible being barred from advertising in the residence halls for up to a full academic year.

All advertisements must have the Office of Residential Life stamp. You can have your items stamped in the AMR II Residential Life office.

Residence hall posting policy specifies:

  • Only registered student groups may place advertisements in residence halls
  • Flyers are only permitted to be displayed for up to 2 weeks. They must be taken down by the organization after the event date.
  • All flyers must have clear contact information displayed, ie. email, phone number or direct social media name
  • All advertisements must be 8.5″x 11″ or smaller
  • For mailbox advertisements, you must limit the size to 1/4 of a page (quarter sheet). You must obtain the proper documentation through the Office of Residential Life in AMR II
  • Groups cannot advertise an event held at an event that is primarily a bar and advertisements cannot reference or imply alcohol consumption
  • All adverstisements/flyers must contain contact information for the group responsible for the event, as well as an end date for the event or session
  • Posters must not contain material that is pornographic, harasses any individual or group on the basis of race, gender, national origin, religion or sexual orientation; contains a message of hate or a threat of violence
  • All items must be hung with blue or green painters tape and cannot be placed in appointed, finished or glass surfaces.

Room Reservations

Meeting rooms available in the residential halls are primarily for use by registered student groups. Student programs have priority in these spaces and all rooms are reserved through Scheduling and Event Services. This includes tabling on the Freshman Quad, outside Fresh Food Café and Nolan’s dining. All reservations must be made at least two business days in advance to accommodate the schedules that must be made for the custodial and monitor staff. For weekend and Monday reservations, requests must be made no later than Thursday afternoon.