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Posting and Flyer Policy for all Residence Halls

All registered Johns Hopkins Student Groups no longer have to register their flyers with the Office of Residential Life, prior to posting in the residence halls. You may post for your organizations events and programs, in the residence halls as you need, noting to continue to follow the existing policies we have set in place. Violation of one or more of the below policies will result in the removal of any advertisement/flyer and the group responsible being barred from advertising in the residence halls for up to a full academic year.

Residence hall posting policy specifies:

  • Only registered student groups may place advertisements in residence halls.
  • Flyer posting begins on the first day of classes each semester.
  • Only 1 copy of the advertisement can be placed in the designated areas.
  • Flyers are only permitted to be displayed for up to 2 weeks. They must be taken down by the organization after the event date.
  • All flyers must have clear contact information displayed, (ie. email, phone number or direct social media name of the organization) and list a clear end date.
  • All advertisements must be 8.5″x 11″ (letter size paper) or smaller. Larger size posters are not permitted.
  • Groups cannot advertise an event held at an establishment that is primarily a bar and advertisements cannot reference or imply alcohol consumption, unless registered appropriately. Further, approved events with alcohol should not be advertised in first year buildings.
  • Advertisements must not contain material that is pornographic, harasses any individual or group on the basis of race, gender, national origin, religion or sexual orientation; contains a message of hate or a threat of violence.
  • All items must be hung with blue or green painters tape and cannot be placed in appointed, finished or glass surfaces (ie. no doors or blocking any windows). Failure to adhere to this guidance can result in the group being held responsible for damage done to surfaces (ie. walls) as a result.
  • University staff or their designee may immediately remove posted materials that are in violation of these rules.
  • Students or student groups who violate these policies are subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, suspension of posting privileges, loss of other privileges, or other sanctions or corrective measures.

For the posting policy for all other campus buildings and offices, please review the information available on the Office of Leadership, Engagement, & Experiential Development website.

Residence hall posting locations

Locations were carefully selected due to the residential JCard access being limited to only residential students. We do not grant access to residential spaces for the purpose of posting flyers.


  • Bulletin board in the main lobby, on the wall by the MPR and Reading Room

Total of 1 flyer


  • Bulletin board in the main lobby area. Located on the wall prior to the mailroom entrance.

Total of 1 flyer

Bradford Apartments

  • Bulletin board located prior to the Security desk. Located on the left and/or right sides of the lobby by the study rooms.

Total of 1 flyer

Scott-Bates Commons

  • Bulletin board located on the residential lobby level. Located outside of the laundry rooms/across from the vending machines and gym hall way.
  • Bulletin board located in the 33rd Street lobby entrance, next to the elevator.
  • Bulletin board located by the mailroom on the Charles St. lobby

Total of 3 flyers

McCoy Hall

  • Bulletin board by the social lounge. Enter the front door and make an immediate left. Proceed down the hall past the Off-Campus Housing Office. The bulletin board is down the hall on the right.

Total of 1 flyer

Wolman Hall

  • Bulletin board at the bottom of the stairs leading to the mailroom.
  • Bulletin board in the main lobby above the recycling receptacles. Located outside of the Residential Life office on the left side of the lobby area.

Total of 2 flyers

Cooking Supplies

The Office of Residential Life does not have cooking supplies available for rent or lending. Students wishing to use communal and community kitchen spaces within the residence halls must provide their own utensils.

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