Fire & Smoke Conditions

Please take a moment to review and familiarize yourself with the fire safety tips and evacuation protocols for students residing in University housing below.

If there is smoke or fire in your immediate area, activate the fire alarm. Contain the fire by closing doors and windows, as needed.

During evacuation, please remember:

  • Do not panic. It is important to stay calm and exit the building as quickly and orderly as possible.
  • Remember: Do not use elevators.
  • In the event that the card access system fails and building or wing doors do not open, your RA has a key and can manually open these doors for you. Call Security at 410-516-4600 or 911 if an RA or other staff member is not available to open an inaccessible door in the event of an ongoing emergency where access or evacuation is necessary.
  • Do not re-enter building until directed to do so by university officials or fire department personnel.
  • Follow the building/floor evacuation plans below.

If trapped:

  • If you cannot evacuate, you will need to shelter in place.
  • Stuff the cracks around doors with towels, coats, etc., to keep out as much smoke and heat as possible.
  • Call 410-516-4600 or 911 to report your exact location, the number of people with you, and their medical condition(s).
  • Do not attempt to jump from multi-story buildings.
  • If possible, get to a pressurized stairwell.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Never enter a smoke-filled room.
  • Feel all doors before entering/exiting a room; if hot, do not enter/exit.
  • Stay low to the floor if thick smoke is present.
  • Never allow the fire to come between you and an exit path.
  • If your clothing is on fire: Stop, Drop and Roll to put out the flames and seek immediate medical assistance.
  • Unless you have been formally trained do not attempt to use a fire extinguisher to fight the fire.

Building/Floor Evacuation Plans