About Us

The Johns Hopkins University Office of Pre-Professional Programs and Advising is dedicated to encouraging students pursuing careers in the health and legal professions to make conscious and thoughtful decisions about their future paths.

Advisors assist in four key aspects of your journey through and beyond Hopkins:

  1. Academic planning, academic success skills, and completing requirements
  2. Pursuing relevant out-of-class experiences
  3. Providing opportunities to learn about law, healthcare, medicine, etc.
  4. Providing assistance and guidance throughout the application process

In this section, we cover the following areas:

We encourage you to meet with a preprofessional advisor to discuss your goals and questions. For more information about our office, stop by 300 Garland Hall to meet our staff and check out our library and resources. We look forward to working with you!

Ms. Kelli Johnson, on behalf of the Pre-Prof. Office team:
Advisors: Ms. Droscoski, Ms. Snydman, and Ms. Jensen
Administrative Staff: Mrs. Krause, Mrs. Sanders and Ms. Decker