Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

Below are some important resources for you to explore in learning about the field of osteopathic medicine.

Admission Requirements

Just like their allopathic counterparts, osteopathic medical schools are looking for applicants to possess academic excellence, strong interpersonal skills, leadership, commitment to service, and clinical experience. Admission to osteopathic medical school is competitive and selective, and osteopathic medicine should not be seen as a “fallback” for applicants who are not competitive for M.D. programs. For students matriculating in 2018, consider the following statistics:

  • Mean cumulative GPA: 3.54
  • Mean cumulative science/math GPA: 3.43
  • Mean MCAT: 503.8

Dual Degree Programs for Osteopathic Students

The vast majority of osteopathic medical schools have dual degree programs. You can find more information on dual degrees offered through the programs specific websites or the DO Explorer.

Shadowing an Osteopathic Physician

It is important to demonstrate a clear motivation for pursuing a career in osteopathic medicine, and osteopathic medical schools encourage applicants to explore the profession by shadowing an osteopathic physician. Many D.O. programs even require applicants to submit a letter of evaluation from an osteopath as part of the application process. Shadowing an osteopathic physician should position you well to obtain a letter from that doctor in support of your application.

Here are some useful resources: