Applying to Korean Medical Schools

Are you interested in applying to a Korean medical school? If so, please review the following information.

  • There are three application cycles: The Early Cycle (수시), which is a June application submission and Regular Cycle (정시), which is an October application submission, are exclusively medical graduate school education. Five schools participate in this system. For medical graduate school, you are expected to have an undergraduate degree prior to matriculating, and you can only apply to one school in each cycle. The Academic Transfer (학사 편입) follows the European system, where you receive a combined education in undergrad studies plus medical school. So, students who are accepted through the Academic Transfer cycle will matriculate into the “third-year” of a six-year program, completing only the four-year medical training. Students can apply to two schools, and the cycle begins in October along with the Regular Cycle.
  • All cycles require an undergraduate degree. Applicants must have completed their undergraduate education before February of their acceptance year.
  • Most schools will want confirmation of your experiences. In order to do this, you will need to speak to your co-workers and colleagues to receive formal documentation that confirms your participation in activities. Each document will need to be on letterhead and signed by an authority figure, supervisor, etc.
  • Applicants will need to take the M-DEET (standardized tests for medical and dental schools). Please refer to for more information and test registration. The test can be taken once a year in August (registration in June-July) and the score is only valid within that year.
  • Schools that require letters of recommendation may have their own questions and a preferred method of delivery.
  • The requirements vary by school, so you must read each school’s information and follow their directions.
  • Please note: Korean medical schools DO NOT participate in veCollect or any application service, so you will not need a JHU Committee Letter when applying to these schools.