Pre-Health and Pre-Law Forms

Note: The following pre-health forms are related to letters of evaluation stored in veCollect. Please note that letters of evaluation stored in veCollect can only be utilized for the express purpose of applying to medical/dental programs or to post-baccalaureate/Special Master’s Programs (SMPs) designed to prepare applicants for medical/dental programs. Requests to forward letters of evaluation stored in veCollect to scholarships, jobs, internships, general master’s or PhD programs, or for any other purpose unrelated to applying for medical programs will be denied.

Pre-Health Forms

  • The veCollect (Rec Ltr Collection Service) Registration Form is used by pre-health students to register and create a web-based account to collect letters of recommendation written on their behalf for eventual application to health professions schools. For further instructions, reference PDF Document: Guide Two: Letters of Recommendation and the veCollect Letter System. – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
  • Word Document: veCollect (Rec Ltr Collection Service) Evaluator Instructions are used to request letters of recommendation using the veCollect system. This provides your evaluators with information about the veCollect system, suggestions on what to cover in writing the recommendation, instructions for how to submit to veCollect, and options if the evaluator is unable or not willing to use veCollect. You are advised to brief all of your evaluators on the content, process, and options presented in this form. The use of veCollect does not require the use of the Recommendation Waiver Form listed below.
  • The Recommendation Waiver Form (for non-users of veCollect) is used in the situation when an evaluator is not willing to use veCollect to submit a letter of recommendation. It provides the evaluator with instructions on how to submit a paper recommendation to the Pre-Prof. Office, suggestions on what to cover in writing the recommendation, and the applicant’s option to waive his/her right to view the letter under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

If you are applying to medical programs that do not use the three centralized application services (AMCAS/AACOMAS/TMDSAS) and want to use letters of evaluation that are stored in veCollect, the Pre-Professional Office can forward those letters to the programs of your choosing. Please follow the directions found in the Word Document: Pre-Health Letters of Evaluation form.

If you are applying to post-bac/master’s programs to enhance your academic record and want to use letters of evaluation that are stored in veCollect, the Pre-Professional Office can forward those letters to the post-bac/master’s degree programs of your choosing. Please follow the directions in the Word Document: Post-Bac/Master’s Letters of Evaluation form.

If you have questions or concerns about the process after reading the form, please contact Pre-Professional Advising at or 410-516-4140.

Pre-Law Forms

Dean’s Report

The Word Document: Dean’s Report is one of three items required on file before the Pre-Law Advisor can complete one or more law school Dean’s Certification Forms. Completed Law Professions Questionnaires (below) and current JHU transcript are the other 2 requirements. The Dean’s Report is an internal document for use by this office only; Dean’s Certification Forms are external documents created and required by certain individual law schools at various stages of the application and admission process. Complete and forward the Dean’s Report to the Director of Student Conduct who will indicate whether you have an ethical or disciplinary violation of record with JHU. The Director of Student Conduct will forward the completed Dean’s Report form to the Pre-Law Advisor who will complete and forward the Dean’s Certification Forms to the law school(s).

Law Professions Questionnaire

The PDF Document: Law Professions Questionnaire is are designed to allow the Pre-Law Advisor to best advise pre-law students toward their career goals. All pre-law students should complete the Law Professions Questionnaire prior to their first appointment or soon thereafter.

In Addition…

  • Word Document: Uncovered Grades Request Form: First semester grades may only be uncovered if an official letter or email from the institution is forwarded directly to the Director of Pre-Professional Advising stating that you are precluded from consideration or your candidacy is critically harmed because of the covered grades. See an advisor in Pre-Professional Advising about this process.
  • Word Document: Sample Premed Resume: Pre-health students are encouraged to prepare a resume that, over time, includes experiences and activities pertaining to academic achievement, research, medically related experience, community service, and other extracurricular activities.
  • Word Document: Pre-Prof Advisor Letter of Recommendation Form: this form is only used when the pre-prof advisor has agreed to write a letter on your behalf for a particular school or program.