Who We Serve/Office Mission

Office Mission

To serve as the University leader in providing advising, resources, services, and programs that support Homewood undergraduates and alumni pursuing professional education in medicine, other health professions, and law.


To guide advisees as they:

  • pursue a holistic approach to their professional goals
  • explore diverse academic interests
  • obtain meaningful extra-curricular and applied experiences that support critical thinking, adaptability, resilience, empathy, leadership, diversity, and teamwork
  • obtain meaningful extra-curricular and applied experiences to ensure pre-professional interests, pursuits, and expectations are realistic and clear
  • exemplify professionalism and commitment within and beyond the Hopkins community

Guiding Principles

The following Guiding Principles evolve from professionalism in our work and respect for ourselves, our colleagues, and our students.

  • Communication, to build trust and improve transparency
  • Teamwork, to uphold accountability, provide support, and bring out the best in others
  • Commitment, to optimize the student experience and deliver comprehensive services
  • Approachability, to advise with kindness and be accepting and open-minded to others

Who We Serve

The Office of Pre-Professional Programs and Advising serves full-time undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni of both the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering who are seeking careers in health care and law. Pre-professional advisors serve as a resource throughout a student’s undergraduate career, providing information about course selection, volunteer involvement, law- and health-related internships and exploring gap year opportunities. Our office’s services include one-on-one in-person advising on curricular and pre-professional planning, telephone advising, workshops, programs and webinars, and application assistance.

Pre-Health Students

Undergraduates and alumni of the Krieger and Whiting Schools who are pursuing careers in health professions other than medicine and dentistry (e.g., nursing, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and public health) are provided full advising services. Applying to these other health professions does not involve a Committee Letter. Graduate students enrolled in full-time programs in the Whiting and Krieger Schools who were not undergraduates at Johns Hopkins University are welcome to schedule advising appointments throughout their graduate experience but are not eligible to receive a Committee Letter from our office.

Pre-Law Students

The Office provides planning and application support for Johns Hopkins undergraduate students and alumni interested in applying to law school. Students may take advantage of our services, including one-on-one advising in curricular and pre-professional planning, office-sponsored workshops and programs, and assistance with the application process. The law school application process does not involve a Committee Letter.

Graduate Students in Other Divisions of Johns Hopkins

Graduate students and alumni from other divisions of Johns Hopkins, including the Schools of Nursing, Education, Public Health, and Medicine who were not undergraduates at Johns Hopkins are ineligible to utilize the services of our office. This population is encouraged to consult with their undergraduate institutions about their advising services and other pre-professional information and resources.